B2C platform Tmall mall’s rapid development, so that some of the Jingdong’s own B2C mall can not bear, so it also launched an open platform, inviting all businesses settled. As the largest and most well-known independent B2C mall mall, Jingdong has been the object of attention and study the electric businessman, business academics in 369 school survey found recently by the Jingdong mall open platform is developing rapidly, but there is poor management and unclear positioning problem.

Jingdong to consumers online shopping mall has the impression that genuine licensed distribution is rapid, affordable, so to get the trust of consumers and accumulated a lot of popularity, the Jingdong itself self business is no problem, but some merchants settled an open platform is uneven, although Jingdong for merchants settled in a set of access rules and regulatory provisions, but the Jingdong main business focus also focused on self B2C, for third party sellers to provide flow platform and its brand influence, the lack of effective supervision of the settled merchant tube, so that problems are frequent, manifested in the following:

a, price confusion. Before the open platform before the Jingdong, each product is only one price, now in the Jingdong to find the same product should be marked several results of several different prices, so that consumers confused, if you like to Bainaohui digital mobile phone stores to go shopping, with a mobile phone in every different prices is normal. But you Suning Gome to buy things, the counter inside a row of a few with the mobile phone standard on different prices, and even the name of the subject are different, which makes many consumers do not understand.

two, difficult to guarantee the quality of goods. Jingdong said publicly that the mall sell only authentic licensed, but there are many consumer complaints in Jingdong suspected smuggled goods and buy refurbished goods and other non formal products, especially the frequent cosmetics consumers is difficult to identify the quality of the category, after investigation found last are from third party sellers, many consumers are not to Taobao shopping and the choice of Jingdong is not assured, fear of fakes reconditioned goods now if the Jingdong can not guarantee, the consumers also believe this? Why do you choose the Jingdong


three, do not take the initiative to provide invoices. Jingdong provide formal invoices this mall has no doubt in the minds of consumers among things, but now many Jingdong third party seller does not offer invoice, some are in the consumer complaints then request reluctantly, it also against the Jingdong for the online shopping consumer commitment, if the Jingdong is self invoice, third party the seller has frequently loopholes luck, the consumer is in Jingdong shopping, finally influence is the Jingdong’s image.

four. Slow distribution. The Jingdong built logistics network has covered most of the city, the national distribution quickly, in a big city served even faster than SF express, but an open platform for third party seller is still not very good into the Jingdong logistics system, many independent choice of the third party logistics, even if the choice of Jingdong logistics, also often need.