is called a quality network, a It turned out that the product is the official website of the domain name, and domain name is Now, the two companies do not want to continue the embarrassment of the same name, recently replaced the domain name.

this phenomenon is not uncommon in china. This year, Jingdong mall, Yi Xun, one shop and other well-known electricity providers have announced the opening of a new domain name. In accordance with the repetition rate of Chinese well-known enterprise brand electronic commerce association network intellectual property promotion center issued the "investigation report" shows that the most valuable brands in the world top 50 enterprises brand repetition rate reached 70%, while the Chinese top 50 most valuable brands in the repetition rate reached 42%. According to the "report" of the domain name service and security Chinese statistics, China’s current domain name server nearly one million, but more than 50% of the domain name server is relatively safe, there is an important risk domain name information system 57%.

dimensional goods network, dedicated to the selection of high-quality goods of daily specials, editorial staff through professional occupation, buyers cut low prices. Give the user exclusive discounts, effectively curb the invalid information interference. To help users save browsing massive commodity information at the same time, also allows users to buy more discount prices, shoot two hawks with one arrow. For example, 9 pieces of 9 bags of brand-name underwear, etc..

with another sale website name domain approximation, approximation, often by user confusion. Although in the face of confusion at the beginning of the 800 dimensional product network staff issued a statement, but there are still a lot of Internet users into other similar sites, the confusion and confusion of users or continue to appear. The trouble is that this negative impact has seriously affected the reputation of the company’s 800.

now, the evaluation of the effectiveness of the network marketing, both to enhance brand awareness, promote the growth of performance issues, as well as related to the protection of the company’s online brand." Single kernel information Co., Ltd. chairman Ren told reporters in Nandu, to change the domain name is very important to avoid being blocked.

dimensional product network management after the study, and ultimately decided to change the name of the product network. At the same time also acquired the corresponding Larry domain price. So as to avoid a large number of users into similar sites, resulting in dilution of brand value and user loss. Coincidentally, also recently acquired a high price and enabled a new domain name. Dimensional product network officially renamed gold folding nets.

gold folding net also created its unique three minute effect both on the car for three minutes, at noon to rest for three minutes, at night, three minutes, efficient shopping environment. The right to buy their own style and affordable is everyone in the online shopping continues to learn. In the past, looking for high quality and inexpensive goods is a difficult process, gold directly off the network without looking for trouble, only show the most authentic shopping discount, offer the user the most cost-effective selection of baby, make online shopping from a new pleasure.

gold folding net to boutique discount as the center, and the pace of Amoy mall to carry out deep life