today China network in the IELTS group and many IELTS candidates together to chat, accidentally got a very good news;

said the candidates that they have training courses on the other side of the Guangzhou, the teacher in the class recommended the IELTS China Network!

although it sounds very ordinary, but for me as a complete surprise; the user would like to recommend, it is the user’s trust in you, how to obtain the trust of users, I am here to share a little of my experience, feel good, everyone likes a good, please clap brick;

network Chinese IELTS for all to see, is a completely normal CMS content management website, the average user is updated daily update, change a few point pseudo original tools for some time every day included Baidu, today included many, happy, think oneself is successful, in fact I so, for a long time, found that the site would be dead, not angry, he concentrated down carefully, what is the reason? Why daily updates are included, but still not what no flow no public popularity? Then I know: the lack of interactive


in order to interact with the user, I IELTS website content and form, I made a few efforts, here may wish to share with you:

1, I called on the home page of the forum management page, so I am timely through the Forum on the website home page to release the latest notification

2, set up QQ group; don’t think QQ group propaganda website or old-fashioned, I think the key is to grasp the user needs, what they want, we give them into the group to provide what. I am here to provide a free IELTS counseling, and I rely on their own experience, free for many IELTS candidates to provide their own methods;

3, micro-blog; admittedly, micro-blog has improved a lot of communication, a micro-blog message, many fans will receive the message, can according to their own interests and choose their own love of information; if the last mailing it, inevitably to cause unnecessary aversion to users; micro-blog to update every day, the specific means of playing micro-blog see my another article: "few people play small means] know micro-blog


4, email interaction; do not give the user email in case the user’s knowledge, so most users will be in the "Recycle Bin", to let users leave the mailbox, you made in the past, thus reflects the webmaster sincerity, and users get what he wants things, we can be in three e-mail to join their advertising, the efficiency of these ads than the incidence of good;

5, lower status, mingle; don’t think of yourself as the administrator or is what can lawlessness, careful outrage. The people most love politicians and the people as a whole, can help people solve problems. Use less formal language, multi use >