28 in the morning, he Xian uncle officially announced by the Qing branch Ling co fund collar vote, canopy culture fund with investment A round of financing, the amount of investment reached 22 million 600 thousand, the valuation of 100 million.

He Xian uncle is a PGC Internet video content production company, has its main "McDull" woman said "find goof drama" hot focus spoof Tucao brand column. According to founder Liu Fei introduction, he Xian has produced video was above 1000, the whole network platform fans subscriptions for 5 million, the public number of fans produced nearly 700 thousand of the whole network video playback volume reached 3 billion.

at the same time, he Xian uncle is also a net red. In the new list in March this year the first red net list in TOP100, he Xian was ranked ninth in front of the row is from the black male for Ercoli Lee, standing behind the Reds Zhang Dayi outfit. Compared with these two bursts of red time, He Xiangu seems to be more of a veteran network red.

in the early development of network video, there are a lot of people know this dedicated to collecting goofs, Tucao hit series make main bibaud. But unexpectedly, really he Xian uncle Liu Fei was a worthy of the name of 90, graduated from the Arts Department, round face, senior fans.

"so you are 90 ah!"

"so I looked very old 4 not 4 (that’s embarrassing)."

"just because I think he Xian uncle when the net red for many years……"

"no, I’m used to it."

– – –

a good time to come

in 2011, Liu Fei was a junior student. Shandong media, Career Academy, Department of art, television program production.

was launched Youku network the first interactive program "fly" to slobber, call for creative video, Liu Fei first used the name "He Xian uncle" upload a funny video.

why is He Xian uncle? This is really not what the story behind. "This is a question every time someone asks (laughs). Are you going to do this will certainly have to let people know that this is who do, but can’t use real name, but also accord with the funny video spoof of the tone, he Xian uncle is very funny than."


video content sounds simple, Liu feichiang "village of love" in the fight to cut the screen piece, with a more sense of network songs. But beyond expectation is that this video in less than a week to break 500 thousand hits, Liu Fei also got a bonus of 400 yuan.

was the end of the video attached to Liu Fei’s QQ number, there will be hundreds of friends to add a request. This is actually the first answer to Liu Fei in the cause of life.

let saliva fly in a very long period of time to continue to update, Liu Fei released video for several months