blog marketing is a necessary weapon in network marketing! From studios to enterprises, large companies, even listed companies are using blog marketing, blog marketing make naobaijin using the latest blog marketing ideas to create 60 million amazing performance, can be said to be a hero. I do this as a member of the Internet industry, it is necessary, but also very happy to share some of the blog marketing knowledge, first of all, I personally believe that Bo

customer marketing is divided into:

1 technology marketing, 2 knowledge marketing, experiential marketing of the 4, the integrated marketing of the 3.

then in the premise of blog marketing process, I think there is a bumper, that is the premise of blog marketing, you must have their own independent website, e-commerce platform, but not in ALIBABA, Taobao, ah, pat on the platform to sell products so simple. This condition is very important, so you no matter what products to sell or sell service line, with a long-term perspective is their orientation, absolute positioning is equal to the success, if the location is not good, it is a waste of time. Long term marketing starts with brands such as awareness, build their own own brand, put your site ready, will determine your keywords, optimization by means of SEO to Baidu, Google and other search engine home, I think this is the basis, even if the foundations are not up to you. What to say what blog marketing, email marketing to bring the number of customers, it is false, empty. Because the source of customers in any case search engine brings customers as much as 50%, after such a good foundation, began to build their own community! Because from the search engine to customers is increasing every day, in order to retain these customers, engage in activities in your forum, such as playing floor activities, send products. This can gather a lot of friends. Through the forum to create, I believe that your activities are attractive, many users have been introduced to his friends around. Perhaps you have not found the case, more and more people.

what I say is the fundamental operation of the electronic commerce, there is a saying, a thousand miles begins with a single step. Rome wasn’t built in a day. So you pay attention to the importance of the foundation of the key, you have completed 20% of the operation, it can be said to be very beautiful.

next, we have to do is the theme of this article, blog marketing, I said there are 4 points above, and now I am an analysis:

: first determine the direction for marketing resources, business blog to consider positioning should consider the blog in what website, should be considered for individuals or businesses with the resources that can be invoked, since the blog first is on an individual basis, so it should be mainly based on their own resources to locate blog type:

A, if the expert in marketing and management, can release the successful experience, in the blog marketing tactics, management skills and brand construction;

B, if the technical aspects of some of the line, can be published in the blog >