email is now one of the most commonly used communication tools of our network, so we can now email application is better to make our network marketing? Here I will talk about my email marketing thinking and experience, and we exchange, a right, but also hope that the friends of criticism.

e-mail and telephone communication tools are not the same, it has its own unique charm. Just as we do with ordinary letters, it has its own characteristics. E-mail is characterized by fast, cheap, convenient, content diversity. This provides us with a good network marketing conditions.

1 email marketing to avoid aimless hair. I think everyone has a headache now. We are not a morning classes will open the computer, will delete a lot of spam. These junk mails are really boring. Basically do not see will be deleted. So how do we know that she’s spam? How do you know? That’s what I want to say second.

2 headline to be eye-catching or unique, the desire to open. Why I will not hesitate to delete some spam? You may have received mail selling invoices, some is the title are certain open invoices etc., some titles are irregular code or language like, let a person see will be junk mail, such mail can not be delete? And now it seems some people learn some knowledge, the topic has achieved very good, very attractive, also can let a person produce open desire. But after the open or deleted, and it makes people more angry, this is what I want to say third.

3 should not deceive customers. See a message, the title is very good, for example, to send you a gift, your good friend’s letter, Moumou and important documents (contracts) and the title of this message, you said you can’t open it? But if there is a spam, really let people off, make people feel cheated feel, who are not willing to be fooled, if you have that kind of feeling, you will say it?

4 mail content is the most important. Even if you are advertising mail, mail for you to look professional, concise, clear, clean, not let people feel puzzled, can let a person see garbage feeling, out of order text will give people a feeling of respect. There is a saying that good: buy a product is to buy the feeling, as long as the feeling is good, in fact, how the product is not important. You say is not it?


for such a long time of network marketing, feel or believe what super software, sending stuff like this at the time, there may be a little effect, but in the long term is not what use. The above figure is my own design of a message, and we hope to discuss the methods of network marketing.

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