recently found on the network have been filled with WeChat " " marketing; marketing programs, and even automatic message friends software with people selling WeChat, so I want to write this article, discuss with you these seemingly APP mobile phone marketing method is the fire.

and just recently some students wrote to ask me, ask the content is to use WeChat a lot of add friends marketing benefits, so it is said that in fact many people have this kind of marketing mode for WeChat some consideration, should be said and want to use this way to promote, but also afraid of the effect of marketing mode is not good, or have a negative effect.

this time, I will focus on direct contact with you to talk about this kind of mobile phone APP plus good news mode. In fact, if you have the impression that, in recent years, social platforms and micro-blog, Facebook above have been such a marketing approach, is to add a lot of friends and then send advertising marketing news.

WeChat is also a way to add friends, of course, is a marketing approach, but it can only be used to make quick money, is not suitable for long-term business to use, because it has three major problems:

1 list is very inaccurate.

‘s message to the people who do not know this way is actually not very precise list of customers, because your product or activity is unlikely to be the majority of people will be interested in, so this way for you to send a message to the random product of the turnover rate of little help, because the purchase rate will be very low. 10 thousand of the list of friends may be accurate customer volume of less than one percent, or even less than the purchase rate of 1/1000, so your career performance is actually not helpful.

2 can cause resentment.

often receive such harassment promotion will cause resentment, have a negative impact on your career or brand, even the netizen after receiving the message on the network. Please boycott related products of this company, so your whole career is very large, even more serious is likely to cause you the product is slow-moving and resist, these are very serious consequences

I think if you want to run a long career, you shouldn’t take the risk.

3 is not stable enough.

when more and more people use this way, WeChat is also likely to limit his friend mechanism, like Facebook, to the book but also a lot of people just out of the abuse of the unrestricted friend function, always mess with friends and send messages to them, and they want to invite to the shopping group but, since FB changed the mechanism and function of marketing, now this way basically there is no way to use. And this kind of WeChat plus friends to send the message as long as the marketing mechanism to change the mechanism, basically this marketing is also no way to operate.

so I personally do not push this marketing model, of course, this marketing or