day more than 3000 of the amount of post industry forum, this is the second time I entered the 28 task, generally did not stimulate the first period so so, especially since the first week race each other. Seeks the teacher recommends that everyone trying to find their own forum, so communication is not much, but it is the beginning of second weeks analysis of the data. Here I will be two aspects of this task experience:

first of all, how do I find a forum?

1 for the day more than 3000 of the amount of post industry forum, the best course is to start from the navigation website, of course, from which start site navigation is also a problem. I chose hao123, why? As everyone knows, hao123 is generally not easy for others to do navigation, the condition is to station or burning money website. From these two conditions, it is suitable for the.


Of course,

2 in addition to this, there are some burn like a fish escaped through the Seine, Sue Ann QingWang embarrassed operation is not in hao123, this time I began to use some human resources and the industry began to find. For example, micro-blog and some forums link.

secondly, how do I analyze the website?

I am currently engaged in the work is mainly about SEO, of course, the current SEO is still a rookie stage. So I sort of data is mostly about SEO data. Let me talk about my experience: I used to be in school, just do network promotion, has not done SEO, can be said to be a SEO idiot. But after I came into the company is responsible for the overall SEO website epoch-making work.


a lot of content because of the web site a lot, you need a lot of words SEO, but the actual implementation of the work of a person, limited energy. What words are impossible to optimize (of course page keywords overall optimization, mainly is to make the technology to do, I only responsible to overcome some of the large flow of words) so I will go to the analysis of keywords associated with the content of our website what. Which words are relatively large flow. Which words have already been done by the number of ppc. What is the location of these words on our website. How is the quality of our competitors in front of us. Which words are more competitive SEO. Do all the data preparation. I will choose from, the flow is relatively high, do less competitive rankings, and the relative competition is not very intense keywords. Then targeted to do these words SEO. So we can see the effect quickly. Some words may be a lot of search, but the first page has been done ppc. Or in front of the site is very strong, I do not need to fight with them. Or some search is not big words, I will not waste energy to do.


of course, in