born, into death, life, in this life we always do something!

entrepreneurs as the planet a very restless group, every day to think about the most, probably in the hopes of a certain day at a certain hour, suddenly broke out, then find the "inspiration" lifetime achievement "business opportunities", but how to find the appropriate opportunities which? Whether the business logic of the most basic

?The so-called "

business" split, help entrepreneurs interpreted as "commercial + opportunity", and "business" is the core of products and services, "opportunity" is hidden in the change, change, in this view, to help entrepreneurs last article "do poineering work when in trouble should do" in a discussion. From concept point of view, in the existing commercial basis, namely the products and services on the basis of how to find the Internet industry opportunities, will depend on the entrepreneurs can capture from the rapid change in the wave of the Internet to the rapidly changing needs of human



talked about the opportunity of the Internet industry, we need to sort out the birth and development of the entire Internet history. In early October 1969, because the realization of communication between the ARPANET at Losangeles and the Standford Institute, this indicates that the Internet was born, the incident has been 47 years of history.

September 1987, the Beijing Institute of computer applications to the German law sent China’s first e-mail, set up a bridge of communication between China and the world. 1990.Cn domain name officially appeared, the world wide web (WWW) development in 1995, the United States in the first true sense of the Internet Co Netscape. In 1996 1997 YAHOO listed, listed on Amazon, 1998 Ebay (eBay) listed in June 2000, the NetEase listed on the Nasdaq, Ding Lei rely on the Internet into the first Chinese rich! 2003 Tencent listed in Hongkong, the same year the birth of Taobao, 2005 Baidu listed on the Nasdaq, Taobao in the acquisition of Yang Zhiyuan on the same day, Hawaii YAHOO……

throughout the history of the Internet, as Ma Yun said, the development is changing from iteration to the business model of new technology revolution, from birth to commercial use, has experienced several generations of people to explore the innovation of the Internet industry, in those years the speed change of the forward-looking thinking, a good grasp of entrepreneurs the Internet development opportunities! According to past experience, any technological change life cycle is usually 30~50 years, 20 years before the technology is found after 20~30 years of creation, is the application of innovation and technology, reviews the development history of Taobao, born from 2003 to 2008, turnover broken 100 billion, and then to 2013 turnover broken trillion, 10 years PC Internet will appear Taobao such enterprises