1), "social marketing" or "social media marketing", equal to "network marketing"


"socialization" seems to be a very popular, very fashionable word, through the search engine results can be seen in general: Baidu about 55 million, Google. The expansion of the word are: social networking, social marketing, social media, social media marketing, and even social electricity providers and so on (this article does not discuss the concept, not strictly distinguish).

many people have used the fashionable "social marketing" or "social media marketing" instead of rustic "network marketing", two equivalent? I don’t agree with. Network marketing is a term that refers to all through the Internet marketing activities, and the "social" personal understanding is only Internet development to the current stage, and an important feature. Perhaps the development of the Internet to the next stage will show other important features, such as automation (something: so, "network marketing" at any time are our ancestors, not chaos, can not be equated, unless the tide changed for ~

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two), socialization, the impact on the network marketing activities


social really become an important feature of the Internet, as long as you get to the Internet is detached, all have to face, to study on the socialization of your products and the business will have what effect, think about how to change the deal? So social affect of the network marketing industry?

1), the network marketing practitioners: requirements increased by


network marketing mainly network advertising, PPC, SEO and EDM, which means the whole partial "technology", rule-based, and relatively effective a little faster. But under the influence of socialization, everything is not so simple;

2), on the network marketing companies: difficulty increased, the cost increased by

of various social networking sites, more and more media, makes the enterprise target customer groups become more decentralized, focus on target customers become more difficult; the corresponding required personnel and related resources will require more, increase the cost of Internet marketing.

three), how to deal with


1), do not follow suit: only for their own network marketing

the author claims that the enterprise network marketing do not follow the trend, and to consider whether it is in line with their own, then how to call themselves fit?

is one of the most important criteria is, ask yourself: the potential target customer groups you there? Marketing should focus on the target customers, network marketing should always follow the target customers, rather than to see what followed on fire. At the beginning of the happy network is very fire, there are companies with blind happy; now micro-blog very fire, but also with the blind bo. Author >