today, a friend in the xue24 management question asked is concerned about a friend’s website, how to make more partners to cooperate with you.

is like a lot of small and medium enterprises website, although I also faced the same problem: how to promote your products in almost no what input conditions.

there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but we can really use a very low cost to promote our products and persuade potential partners to cooperate with you.

the low cost secret is to let your users to help you promote.

many people disagree on this view, they believe that although the network to speed up the transfer of information, but the word of mouth is still very slow, the need for businesses to actively promote.

The deep-seated reasons of

against the spread of word-of-mouth, I think: these people think it is difficult to perfect products to users of praise in the early stage or growth stage, so businesses need to in the product has not been promoted under the approval of the user.

seems to be a realistic reason, is actually wrong. Because these people do not grasp the true source of user reputation spread.

in my opinion, the user initiative to spread word of mouth is only one driving force, that is, this product or service is a perfect solution to the needs of a very important.

remind you, although here also stressed that "perfect", but only for a user’s needs. Often this demand is very concerned about the user, but the user does not know why.

you seize the customer itch meat, so he is free publicity for you. This time your service terminology called killer application, the user’s initiative to promote, known as word of mouth.

do you know where the user’s itch meat


as a negative material, I analyze the logic of Gtalk transmission failure.

a lot of people like to try new things, Gtalk interface is simple and refreshing, it is very comfortable to use. But a lot of people used to give up, we are talking about, are to blame for Gtalk is too high, the number is too small.

and I noticed a detail that could be a fatal wound to gtalk.

when you send a file to a friend, Gtalk that Gtalk binding to send the most natural and reasonable gmail. At first, I thought so. Feel that the user is a problem, no good or bad.

with a section of the discovery, this method of using mail file is too stupid. You want to send a file to Gtalk friends: you must first open the Gmail, fill in the recipient, can add attachments button, find you want to send files in the folder, but is not before sending a message about what the title just good. Finally finished, but also ask each other, received it. < >