the day before yesterday, I knew the answer in Baidu. A friend will not do ask a novice how to do the problem. I gave him the answer very carefully, from the domain name space to the choice of CMS to promote the site said. On the second day he added my QQ, said his current situation and want to send: want to do a city trading website. Do not understand technology, the most simple Html do not understand. Contacts is very good, he has extended to the All the world knows. in a year under.

I told him some of my thoughts:

first: although it is now easy to do, but not to the point of technology is not enough. If there is no technology and do not want to learn, then you have to have a technical understanding of the right-hand man, or you may be sold by others do not know. My advice is to hire a website of professional and technical personnel, within one year of the city can be extended the local trading site, pay a technical personnel’s salary is absolutely no problem.

second: profit model is not clear. I asked whether it is not a member of the merchant fee or transaction commission, he is not. Ask him how to make money. I don’t think it’s possible for him to make money from an advertising alliance, because he probably doesn’t even know what an advertising alliance is. My idea is to have a clear profit model, advertising, or membership fees, or trade commission or are optional, the first to have a clear profit point and to its efforts, after the big website profit point can be added. Didn’t the goal will be to the headless chicken, what also didn’t catch the last run around.

third: think of the site is too simple. His promotion is really enough cattle, Netcom agreed to set up his website as the home page, is the city Netcom users to open a computer Internet access, the first pop-up is his home page. There is no better way to promote this transaction for local transactions. But he wants to find a template to change the home page LOGO, plus some businesses into the site to prepare on-line. My idea is to do a good job to promote the content is not, finally, can not keep the user, the user will put you out of things when garbage disposal and even cause resentment.

I give him advice: hire a professional website to two. Or find a partner to understand the technology, people generally understand the technology is willing to work with the ability to promote a strong complementarity. Site selection of second-hand transactions may be better, the general lack of second-hand market in cities. Profit model must be considered, the transaction site is a good choice for trading commission.

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