viral marketing, is worthy of the name, word of mouth on the internet. Different from the traditional of the mouth. It’s because it travels so fast that it spreads as fast as a virus. Previously, the content is published through the media, because a good story spread through the magazine is much faster than verbal communication with hundreds of customers to sell products. When everyone wants to hear a good story, word of mouth marketing is more likely to happen at the same time.

the emergence of the Internet has changed the rules of the game. You may have heard of people discuss e-mail communication, through this communication, e-mail also forwarded to dozens or hundreds of people, e-mail will include advertisements or may attract traffic to Hefei SEO video. There are marketing staff to discuss the spread of IM, because even if the short message can spread quickly among friends, in China, QQ plays a very important role in the process of viral marketing.

Web2.0 reinforces the effect of this marketing. Now anyone can have their own media, the role of the mouth more big. Each customer has to write a seo blog, build a website, link their favorite ads. Or attack what they don’t like. Web2.0 makes every customer a media person.

a lot of viral marketing case are very successful but very accidental, but candy joined Diet Coke after the eruption of violent video after being sent to the Internet, there is little rush about telling the news around spreading. Coca-Cola and mentos what people did, but their brand was very hot, Coca-Cola has taken some action to protect, "when we hope you are more willing to drink Diet Coke, do not take it, and mentos experiment" very happy, even in its home page introduces the video and related background information.

some viral marketing case is successful by accident, and many other viral marketing is to try to find a good story results. Google did not advertise in the promotion of its free Gmail, and provide a only invited to participate in the activities of the trial, the enthusiasm of the people involved in the trial is so high that some people try to invite eBay to sell, this is a real rush about telling the news around spreading.

from these ", what is the rush about telling the news around spreading" you want? Is recommended, a recommendation from someone you trust, most can stimulate action. Not what is different, so the Internet, how to let the customer help you recommend products to others? In fact, recommendation is based on the value of news, you need to give the customer a story that makes it easier for them to also very willing to talk to others.

you were told that a certain product is not what to talk about, if you think it is a waste of time to get the recommended about the product, if it is true, you sell products is a common object, a pure commodity, as a network marketing personnel is really not what to do.

whether people care about your product depends on whether the story you want to tell is interesting, but these stories