in recent years, the network copyright infringement case, counterfeit cases in cases of intellectual property is more and more big, and the obvious growth trend. In this regard, Shanghai new sunfaith intellectual property services Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Sinofaith") CEO Sun Kai pointed out that with the rapid development of the Internet and mobile Internet era, will produce a lot of new business forms, intellectual property rights will be more access to the Internet, the protection of the business model, the business method of the resulting should also be paid attention to.

is the Internet business enterprise, if the awareness of IPR protection is weak, the lack of intellectual property strategic layout concept, in the face of intellectual property infringement competitors tend to be at a loss what to do, I do not know how to respond, eventually leading to their legitimate rights and interests are difficult to make up for the loss. This phenomenon from didi taxi but changed the name of the taxi drops, unfamiliar street encounter trademark lessons that can be seen.

new sunfaith CEO Sun Kai said that many Internet startups tend to focus on accumulation of users in the construction phase, and the protection of intellectual property rights in the second place. I do not know if the beginning of the neglect of the protection of intellectual property rights, such as the growth of enterprises may face incalculable consequences and losses. Entrepreneurs, must be done at the beginning of the brand, including all kinds of brand and creative protection.

Internet start-up company how to nip in the bud, to maximize the protection of their innovations? In this regard, insiders pointed out that according to follow the "prior application principle" and "principle to use" in the trademark examination and authorization, the first thing to do is to trademark application sooner rather than later, followed by the good direction select the categories, and gradually registered. In terms of patent protection, after the technical research and development projects, the Internet start-up companies should implement a strict confidentiality system. In the absence of a patent application, must not be early disclosure of product information or related information, so as not to be the first person to register.

and when the Internet entrepreneurial companies once suffered intellectual property infringement problems, be sure to protect their legitimate rights and interests through the protection of intellectual property rights. For infringement of intellectual property rights is becoming more diversified and complex network characteristics, Sinofaith from the cloud, network, terminal core technology and service platform of the strategic planning, development of the trademark rights of online monitoring and cloud service platform based on (IPRSEE) and creative content ecosystem platform (IPROC), respectively, for trademark infringement of copyright infringement, to provide monitoring data service frontier for domestic and foreign many well-known brands and the text content of two very active human rights groups. Through the use of leading Qingyun cloud computing platform for the entire network monitoring of large-scale electricity supplier, micro-blog, WeChat different, information, network literature, network video and other content platform, the active and the formation of tort target scale have been incorporated into the scope of monitoring locked within the engine.