with the change of the network environment, the content of our webmaster is also changing. Baidu refused to cooperate with small and medium navigation stations, Google’s ADS also do not know how long to support the operation of a truly valuable site, has become our common research topics. Today, my mobile phone industry website: Kyrgyzstan’s operation promotion process, no reservations about my experience, hope to learn A5 friends can learn from experience, a nutrient from it, make your love stand to thrive.

say the industry’s choice: 1, you like or familiar with the industry. 2, the industry does not have heavyweight competitors. 3, for the purpose of social services, in line with national laws and regulations. 4, the feasibility of profitable ideas.

the following key share "Kyrgyzstan’s _ mobile phone network promotion experience:

a, directional promotion, direct access to the audience. Because this is a typical C2C platform, as the platform of the contractor, the first to find the seller, there will be buyers of goods. We searched around the number of business contact phone, SMS bulk. This so-called " ", the effect is indeed good eyesight; there are hundreds of national day, taking to FA no.. Compared to the conventional section mass, saving more than 90% of the funds. In the early stage of the project, do not blindly invest, save the time and the success or failure of your decision.

two, SEO optimization. Because we are an industry platform, profit cycle is also difficult, competitive ranking is not what we can afford. SEO optimization, is indeed a long-term effective means of promotion. At present, I stand in terms of absolute advantage. "Mobile phone" accounted for first in Baidu, soso, sougou, Google and Youdao are the first two pages, of course, experience to share: 1, website quality. This is the most important, at least two days a update, the function continues to increase, we insist on, so it has been recognized by the search engine and the user’s rate of return. 2, high quality links. The search engine to determine the weight of a web site from this aspect, is the unspoken rule, the new station has a high quality chain is not easy, it depends on how much you hand resources, web resources and popularity have webmaster have fully prepared, otherwise you have to spend. Remember when the link, text links, link names for your industry key words, such as "mobile phone". 3, station keywords optimization. By Guan Jian words bring traffic industry is limited, the industry in general has the station area substation, technical personnel to the area planning job keywords. As the search for "Beijing mobile phone", "Nanyang mobile phone number to good absolute advantage. In a word, the search engine is for me. Don’t try to use the brush flow of cheating means, or too late for regrets.

three, tips to bring large flow. Two weeks ago, IP has been maintained at around three thousand, our goal is the first half of the year exceeded five thousand, promote responsible person also worry, the result of a thought made us overjoyed, often have to buy or sell a membership number > let us