website launched soon, have high visibility, and become a brand, is a lot of city website to achieve, launched a high visibility is not realistic, but in a period of time, this may not necessarily very difficult to achieve, but do not need too much money don’t forget your investment, as the city site, you also have a lot of available resources, such as advertising, website system etc..

anxious or wait for is of no use, according to the scientific method realized step by step.

first, the problem should be clear before the promotion

1, clear your site positioning

tip: regional portal

2, clear the site’s target user: who (enterprise) should be your site visitors?

tip: locals (major groups), outsiders, people

3, visitors will leave something on your site?

tip: supply and demand information, message, flea market and other interactive channels have been opened.

4, what do you want your visitors to get


tip: different target users want to get different services or content.

5, what will make your website visitors again?

tip: content, services or interactive channels or interactive activities

6, what will make your visitors stay on your website?

tip: content, services or interactive channels or interactive activities

two, content / service is the foundation of website promotion

Visitors to the

site have no access to the first person and the person who visits again, and we believe that it will not be too hard to get people to visit your site.

1, for the first time to visit www.qd-sd.com

A, the most common way for users to find new sites – search engine

Half a month in the

website, the website login into the Internet most commonly used search engines such as Baidu, Google, a Sohu, etc., and the city site in the development of search engine according to relevant standards of design, when users search input search keywords associated with the content of the website, the front row in the search the results of the.

B, Internet users found that the new site of the second ways – site link

when your website is in operation, links can be directly to your website.

C, Internet users found the new site of the third ways – a friend introduced

for the city / county city site, regional portal was less, do well the site is hard to find. "