you know the site outside the chain, its importance is self-evident, this paper mainly introduces several ways of the rapid increase of the website chain, inappropriate please exhibitions, you are in the dark.

a, links, to find a few similar web site, contact the webmaster, do links.

two, add links in the reply and comment, do not send links can not be directly click, no effect.

three, write soft, for example, in the webmaster nets to write a few articles have the connotation of the article, if reproduced, the chain is a lot of.

four, self-help chain, similar to the site with the station, although the use of more abuse, but the effect is still good for new sites.

five, website bookmarks, which is rarely mentioned in other articles, but personally feel the effect is very good, can Google, Baidu search more famous site bookmarks station, add your own web site, if the site is good, is likely to be recommended.


blog recommendation to increase the chain, the registered blog in domestic famous portals, such as Baidu, Sina blog, NetEase and so on, send a few own website articles, links to their site, the effect is very good.