to 5.12, the Wenchuan earthquake anniversary of the year three. I believe that all the people still can not forget the grief, three years later, when the situation is still difficult to erase from our minds, once again, will still resonate with the soul and shock. Today, when I browse the news on the Internet, I saw a lot of Commemorative Plate 5.12, the contents of the plate news, pictures, event announcements, etc.. I believe that, with the help of this event, clever marketing, website promotion is a good way.

a, soft Wen promotion. High quality soft Wen will bring high quality links to the site, and increase the amount of Web site included, so in the promotion of obvious role. If the 5.12 earthquake events written in the soft, in the expression of the theme of the memorial, but also into their own business point of view or dynamic, there will be good results. I worked in over personnel recruitment network, our company recently held to commemorate the three anniversary of the "5.12" essay competition, to honor the dead, understanding the meaning of life, and encourage employees to love life and uplifting enthusiasm. It can be written completely soft, through the description of writing activities, as well as to commemorate the 5.12 theme, and indirectly promote the company rich enterprise culture, shoot two hawks with one arrow.

two, thematic production. In response to the 5.12 earthquake, the site can be produced by the corresponding special topic to commemorate the three. Of course, the content of the topic needs to have its own characteristics, such as can be integrated into their own corporate culture, staff spirit, commemoration, personal sentiment, etc.. Content to be innovative, causing the reader to resonate with the soul at the same time refreshing.

three, micro-blog marketing. Since last year, micro-blog began to become a powerful social tool, micro-blog marketing has become popular. A good marketing method, will make the propaganda effect to achieve the multiplier effect. The author believes that, on the 5.12 incident, the site can use micro-blog to pass their own unique way to commemorate. If you can make a unique commemorative video or commemorative animation, attached to their own logo and upload, with the corresponding text, etc.. Fans watching video and text at the same time also remember the company’s logo, if done well, will attract more popularity for micro-blog, to achieve better results.

four, promotion of public welfare activities. When in May 12th 09, Baidu was in the striking increase in the column: "network transmission support disaster area construction" confidence, make people feel warm after, at the same time, Baidu has ah especially recommend Sichuan goods, not only to the Internet to transfer to commemorate the 5.12 signal and to promote the Baidu has ah, is a marketing case the success of the. The author thinks, the website can also through public service activities to promote, such as shopping website for sale and the proceeds donated to the foundation, the recruitment website in Sichuan free day to support the development of enterprises in Sichuan, will be effective in public welfare activities.

I believe that event marketing is a very effective marketing, but in the marketing process must have the minimum social morality and social responsibility, to avoid