, the full name of the strong participation, involving a wide range of users to browse the search for high probability.

two, the major search engines in the high weight, easy to be included.

this is a lot of webmasters in the use of Baidu encyclopedia and other wiki site edit entries as an effective promotion, but usually the threshold is high, the audit is not easy to pass.

general wiki website also has its center, focused on the content and knowledge on the one hand, to attract a large number of users to participate in editing, such as finance and Wiki, head of Wiki wiki names and so on, so the choice of webmaster promotion has different emphases.

give a detailed example, I is a salesman salesman wiki network planning, as clerk of business involved in a wide range, so the salesman relates to software tools and practical inquiry, including national geographic information, involving around the catering culture, tourism, geography of life building, even the smoke tea and wine culture etc.. The participation of the whole people is high, because the salesman group is huge, they tend to be interested in this article to pay attention to or edit, which makes the wiki update frequently, is conducive to attract search engine update. For the webmaster, but also a very good webmaster their website platform.

because of its wide range, the interactive participation is higher, there is an important advantage is the content of the practical! User community, and can be as long as the information and the clerk on the content of the wiki with the above can create relevant entries, because of the interaction, high weight, the chain in such the platform is made of natural multiplier. So in addition to attract the interest of the public participants, including many webmaster, companies, hotels and other catering vest


in find the content of the high correlation between wiki promotion site, users browse information more clearly, the website information useful, click rate will increase, if the actual product sale, the conversion rate will improve! Not only rich knowledge of the Internet, the friendly search engine of wiki is high, the quality of the chain also it is too high,

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