e-commerce is like a raging fire in advance, from the continuous expansion of the scale, even with extensive operating experience shopping platform is also committed to improve the user experience, through price, service to enhance the number of active users, increase credibility. Shop agent www.cnshop8.com.cn believes that traditional manufacturing companies have to test the water to seize the share of the layout to solve the long-term business development bottleneck. After 11 years of development, China’s e-commerce will face the challenges and opportunities of the three.

a social e-commerce

in Renren, Kaixin and other social networking sites, driven by the rapid emergence of SNS mushroomed, but did not achieve the desired results. The content of the same SNS, the form of a single and lack of innovation, leading to new users into the lack of stickiness of the old user loss, so that SNS began to face the survival test. SNS from the difficult situation in front of China’s view, the future of SNS at the same time need to integrate itself into a new concept to save its business model. The introduction of the hot market and the higher the capital of e-commerce, SNS will establish a new profit model, such as the establishment of online shopping center platform and other models. From the market perspective, the booming e-commerce will continue the integration of other Internet applications, improve its operation mode, become a standard module of e-commerce enterprises.

first, SNS polymerization of large users, and there is a certain relationship between the user confidence, through a high degree of confidence propaganda, can effectively alleviate the current situation of e-commerce market credit crisis.

secondly, SNS can be used as a way to promote e-commerce brand influence. China e-commerce market at present, especially for some of the emerging vertical electronic commerce enterprise, group purchase website, in addition to the product category and service quality of the competition, the marketing competition complicated. SNS’s social attributes will highlight the value of e-commerce marketing.

again, the wave of e-commerce business financing wave approaching, emerging e-commerce companies need to introduce new concepts in the process of financing the capital market attention.

two, mobile e-commerce

2010 China Mobile Internet investment market is very active, very optimistic about the development of mobile Internet investment institutions. Mobile Internet is bringing business model change and the interests of the industrial chain restructuring, the online virtual economy and the integration of the business model of the real economy will be brewing huge industrial opportunities.

The rapid development of

mobile e-commerce must be based on the maturity of enterprise applications. Mobile e-commerce business areas, there are many types of business users can make a great deal of revenue and improve the efficiency of work. The rapid development of enterprise applications will become one of the most important forces to promote mobile e-commerce. Whether it is Internet companies or traditional enterprises, in the development process needs to constantly update their e-commerce development model. After a full understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the cash flow, logistics and information flow of existing e-commerce