from April 25th to today, is Industrial and Commercial Bureau interviewed sellers make up the news scraper this weekend. Can not help Tucao two, this is because the incident and other social events have a common characteristic:


in the treatment of social events, the usual suspects may be understood as lax enforcement of the law. In dealing with the new business model and development, this approach is really a bit too good to accept. After all I have done before small sellers, has been a serial entrepreneur, making China tax time is very long, the electricity supplier has been not suitable for such a tax dispute no clear, two or three years, there is not a specific way. Now suddenly around Industrial and Commercial Bureau interviewed sellers of tax, and tax still follow the line that set, really make people doubt the pressure for subsequent development of innovation and entrepreneurship will be? Whether the normal law enforcement behavior can be applied in the business community, or to use "I said before" in a way a new business platform and form a legal mechanism to regulate the development of adaptation made before, this is not in the business of innovation development, construction of legal system in our country also with


is now known to the city of Shanghai Minhang District area: 1 (Shanghai Minhang District temporarily 2 of Shandong province (Heze) it is understood in other areas of Shandong has been gradually began in Guilin in 3 (Guilin) has issued a notice of inspection). Other areas as of April 26th is not news, 51 before the country will be estimated to carry out tax.

the current tax situation: small scale according to 4% of sales, sales of the 17%+ in accordance with the general taxpayer of enterprise income tax of 25%, because there is no cost to the ticket tax approved 5%, or 23% of sales. As for the purchase invoices and not many electric brush single problem has not been taken into account, in accordance with the existing tax system still need to fill up to 42% tax

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through the tax electricity supplier, as independent from the media and learning community — 100 read several opinions:

agency wants to show that

first, business innovation needs to consider a variety of laws and regulations: This is obvious Jingdong, Dangdang, shop No. 1 do a lot better. The proprietary part since Needless to say, the open platform according to the agency learned to read hundreds of Jingdong (POP), Dangdang, shop No. 1 (No. 1 mall) settled in the business to the traditional enterprises, the tax and legal aspects are relatively formal, including how reasonable tax avoidance has many years of experience, so this time I believe little impact on tax these platforms. But for Tmall, Taobao such as so-called "grassroots" personal development businesses that pressure will be relatively large, Ali connivance on these platforms sellers brush behavior in a certain degree plus before, so this is the first business tax from Tmall, Tmall and many sellers from the shop on the first day of no tax consciousness cause there is no rational financial and legal departments within the company. Business innovation, whether it is online or online Internet, these factors should be taken into account, special >