get the world brand. In the Internet era, how many enterprises of the Internet brand marketing strategy? The day before, Chinese Internet Network Marketing Association Working Committee officially announced the 2007 "Chinese automotive Internet brand marketing survey report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"). The report shows that, as an important part of the Internet address resources, CN domain name, general web site and the Chinese domain name has now become an important tool for enterprise network marketing. Among them, up to 80% of companies use CN domain name, CN domain name has become the mainstream of the automotive industry Internet brand marketing.

it is understood that the "report" is China Internet Network Marketing Association Working Committee for the first time in the construction survey released Internet brand in the automotive industry, the automotive industry survey from two aspects of Internet marketing situation and brand awareness, in the automotive industry in the 90 companies or brands, of which 56 are in the domestic as the main body the enterprise, 34 for foreign enterprises. In these companies, 72 of the application of the CN domain name, accounting for 80.9% of the total number of enterprises surveyed, the application of the general website of the 52 companies, accounting for 57.8%. In addition, the sample survey of 50 companies or brands, the application of the registration of the Chinese domain name, accounting for 68% of the total number of enterprises, the total number of enterprises in the field of Chinese CN.

with more and more foreign car brands settled in the Chinese market, CN domain name has become an important means of their brand localization. The "report" data show that, in addition to 1 foreign auto companies in China have not been applied to CN domain, the remaining 33 companies Chinese sites have enabled CN domain name, and all are the main domain China website, proportion is as high as 97.1%, such as Ferrari, Audi, BMW, etc.. In contrast, the proportion of domestic enterprises as the main domain name CN is only 58.9%, and multinational companies still have a small gap, the domestic enterprises to enable the CN domain name as the main domain name is still to be improved.

reporter noted that Audi, BMW and many other multinational auto companies is fully armed, the CN domain name, general web site and Chinese domain name all registered in order to protect the integrity of the Internet brand. For example, BMW has not only opened the, but also enabled the BMW, a generic Web site, in the brand marketing activities also played a BMW.Cn, the Chinese domain name. The "report" statistics also confirmed that multinational enterprises both in the CN domain name registration, web site, or open Chinese CN domain were higher than those of the domestic automobile enterprises, multinational companies in the Internet marketing on the remarkable brand awareness.

in this regard, China Internet association Internet marketing work committee pointed out that, compared with the multinational auto companies, domestic enterprises network marketing there is a huge upside. For example, the use of a common web site, a pair of precision direct function, allowing users to quickly find the company’s Web site. At the same time, you can maximize the use of corporate advertising website, give full play to the effectiveness of Internet brand marketing. Although the current 75%>