to do e-commerce, the need for the site, do SEO optimization, resulting in the rankings, from the increase in traffic, resulting in the conversion of the transaction, then each such sites, there is a certain amount of views and the ratio of buyers.

after the observation of the spirit dragon found that if an e-commerce site every day on average 100 visitors will produce a 1 transaction, then the ratio of 100:1 after 10 days. It can boldly imagine if in this period of 10 days in the five days before the purchase behavior of customers, in five days of purchase, then the 10 day overall ratio will change, 5 days before the purchase ratio is 100:1, the ratio of five days after the purchase of 200:1. Under normal circumstances, 10 days to produce a transaction of the next, the algorithm generated by the 10 day of the 15 transactions in the next 10 days. Ratio of 100:1.5

if each product profit 100 yuan, then through the above comparison, the former total profit of $1000, while the total profit of 1500 yuan. If the spirit of the dragon is an example of the premise that the two algorithms are produced every day, the 100 browsers of the different profits, do you believe it? If not, please continue to look at the following two.

more than five days after the sale of this algorithm, is the first five days of the sale of the two. Ling long in the observation of online shopping business practices, and did not pay attention to repeat sales. The vast majority of businesses, are only a transaction, rarely produce repeat purchase.

so how to repeat the purchase when the quality of the products, services, and so on to achieve a higher standard, the realization of the effect is not too difficult. A one-time sale, a customer after the transaction, to find the next customer to generate a transaction, before the customer ignored, resulting in a waste of customer resources. Only a number of transactions, to reduce the waste of customer resources.

repeat purchase, a primary strategy to provide the trial product, or primary products, allow customers to try, or buy a small product. This sales approach enables customers to feel comfortable, once feel good, you can gradually further sales, gradually from low to high, such as: women, summer will buy some vest, you can make a promotion, let customers get a cheap experience when buying a camisole back, feel good businesses, produce a good impression on the customer’s mind. Paving the way for multiple sales.

is another example: the spirit dragons have a friend is to open shop selling Zippo Lighters, he passed this way for 5 months to achieve 1 crown, although this may not increase the credibility of the fastest, but compared to other business promotion, much simpler, and firmly lock the transaction customers. The vast majority of customers in the transaction is completed, will say that this is the next time to come here to buy.

had been recommended way to spirit of the dragon, he only made one of the most expensive a zippo promotion, actually his shop selling even thousands of production.