April 19th, Taobao annual conference held in 2015. This is Ali after major changes in personnel, responsible for the first time for epilepsy and Taobao Juhuasuan, Tmall, Taobao marketing line three platform for people Luo, vice president of Taobao, Yang Guo, Taobao and other mobile phone director Zhang Kuo personnel with the public face of Taobao sellers. Meeting revealed the future planning and development of Taobao.

, a wireless terminal accounted for the increase, Amoy shop heavy on the line

wireless orders last year, more than 20% this year, up to now about 50%, is expected to reach the end of this year by 70%

attaches importance to the wireless side is the result of wireless terminal sales continued to increase, but also to adapt to the general trend of Taobao to seize the inevitable choice. The inauguration was introduced a few years with wireless, is to adapt to the development of wireless, changing the traditional thinking. Amoy shop made sellers do not have 7*24 hours waiting beside the computer, the original PC terminal operation can now complete the liberation of the seller whenever and wherever possible, at the same time, expand the new direction of the development of Taobao.

for the seller, the wireless terminal and popular personalized search, making the flow orientation, fragmentation, from search traffic may be reduced, so from efforts from other sources such as traffic, a variety of community products, including products, personalized recommendation, personalized recommendation. In addition to the personalized search price war, the explosion lost the original competition, so the seller must return to the commodity, dedicated to providing personalized services.

two, individual shops (general and gold) and the division of the corporate store

"in the future, taobao.com shop is mainly divided into two categories, one is individual shops, one is business shop, but if you are personal shop, there should be a very good tool can help you upgrade to a business shop, as long as you re submit the certification."

This is the Taobao

into an enterprise to want to do the shops, Tmall, and Tmall in the original do not go down, usually by Amnesty here. Enterprise shops will certainly have more support, but there will inevitably be a certain pumping.

personal store is bagasse, then about five percent of the sugar from the inside out. The rest of the ordinary shops " " basically equal to the real world in the roadside stalls, stall, traveling salesman. For the shop owner to do Taobao’s general store has little meaning, but not for Taobao, there is still a huge value.


will be Taobao’s business level distinction, to business shop pulled and set the core business level mechanism, optimize the Taobao environment, further support. Personal shop through the certification system can be upgraded to shop. For corporate stores will have vision, channels, such as unified output planning, focusing on corporate stores. That if I can understand for ordinary shops to live happily.

three, strict grasp brush

"we will launch very severe penalties in May,"