January 9, 2016, 2015 entrepreneurial state of the future leaders of the summit and the 2015 annual meeting of the founding of the state, the closing ceremony, the annual growth of China’s top 100 enterprises in the innovation of the top list of the top 2015 announced. Famous mother and child electricity supplier honey bud list – as the current largest maternal and child electricity supplier, honey bud in 2016 will be expected to become the first ten billion maternal and child electricity supplier.


entrepreneurial state 100: focus on future Unicorn enterprise

China innovation top 100 growth companies (entrepreneur 100) is the new year Chinese VC investment the most promising upstart list, represents the latest trend in venture investment wave. Since the first launched in 2009, has been committed to the discovery of growth and innovation of the China startups.

in the past 6 years, entrepreneur 100 list of dozens of enterprises to become the industry leader, such as Qihoo 360, vip.com, Jingdong, mogujie.com, said the beautiful, funny games, public comment, unfamiliar street, drops fast, knowing, rain doctors.

this year, according to the latest "entrepreneur 100" list of enterprises, there are at least 15 in the latest round of financing to get more than $100 million in investment and financing, since the establishment of the cumulative amount of more than $100 million enterprises have at least 24 – has begun the unicorn enterprise property. The company is expected to become the 100 unicorn is widely distributed in the 16 major industries, including e-commerce, business services, Internet banking, automobile transportation and logistics transportation is most concentrated in the 4 fields of more than 60% companies from the upgrading of consumption, business services, Internet banking, automobile traffic and logistics transportation. This is the 4 hottest and most likely direction of the unicorn.

honey bud: is expected to become the first upgrade to the top 10 million maternal electricity supplier

since March 2014, in less than 2 years, honey bud development at an alarming rate: not only to complete the 4 round of financing, financing become the fastest business, at the same time, also became the highest valuation China maternal electricity supplier according to the latest valuation list released: Eric, 36 krypton authority showed that honey bud to overestimate the 8 billion 740 million yuan value in cross-border electricity, the top two maternal electricity supplier.

at the end of December 2015, with the "on-line parent-child platform", honey bud has been from the past single sales of baby products business platform began to expand the comprehensive "baby service" — this change, breaking past the target population wide honey bud limited constraints, the width from -1 to 3 year old age that is up to -1 at the age of 12, coupled with the state of the two child policy was officially implemented, in the dividend policy, honey bud will achieve explosive growth.

can foresee, in 2016, if you can continue to maintain the current good honey