(www.yng.com.cn) is purchased by your cloud platform providers provide special offer 3C digital business, long-term focus on the social scene in the category of digital marketing and service platform, belonging to the Shenzhen Agel Ecommerce Ltd purchased by you. Shenzhen aisidi Limited by Share Ltd (Shenzhen Investment Holdings: 002416), is currently the largest China aisidi mobile phone state contractor, not only to buy from you provides financial support, but also provides more mature commodity supply channels. You buy also with well-known domestic and foreign brand agents and manufacturers to discuss cooperation, so that you can guarantee the purchase of consumers are hot, high quality, low quality digital products.

purchased by you using the B2b2C model. Capital B refers to the end of the platform products suppliers, while the lower case B refers to the user in the platform to open a shop. Through the B side of the product marketing, more quickly and directly to the product presented to consumers.

registered as a user you purchase, you can shop in your direct purchase, enjoy the 0 threshold, 0 input, 0 risk authentic sources of supply, all the goods shelves can to own shop to sell, the price also can be set, the owner through social groups and social resources in the marketing and promotion labor, consumers buy goods successfully recommended platform can obtain commodity spreads (user access to the profits of real-time arrival, real-time withdrawals), commodity turnover follow-up services will be provided by the platform is responsible to provide a good shopping experience for consumers.

in customer service service, according to the national three package is issued, all sold on the platform of the goods, to provide 7 days unconditional return, 15 days free replacement, 1 year warranty policy, by your purchase platform service platform for users to worry.

good things always want to share with friends, in terms of communication, by the way you buy through the platform to encourage users to recommend their friends to buy by you. User A invite users to register B, users A and B will be able to get the platform’s cash bonus red envelopes; user B as long as each sale of a commodity, the user can get more than 8 yuan in cash subsidies A. The user B invite registered users C, the user can not get A again cash envelopes, but as long as the user C of every sale of a commodity, A users can get 2 yuan cash subsidies, B users can get 8 yuan cash subsidies.


CEO said the purchase from you, by your purchase is the sale of goods sold not only to the wholesale price, some of the costs and cost of the intermediate platform will subsidize to lower prices, in order to let the platform users get more benefits through marketing platform products, so that consumers buy at affordable goods, so that users of the platform you set up the purchase of consumer confidence, change of social groups in the marketing environment is full of fake goods, the uneven quality of the impression, tries to establish a reliable social support group marketing cloud platform providers.