millet bugs:

the name makes many people uncomfortable, because there will be a lot of people. In fact, I want to add three words in the front. See here or there are so many people I have fried ecstasy, your poor heart. In this virtual world, it’s hard to imagine what you look like. In real life, you are just like everyone else. You may have a job, just like before, like buying a lottery ticket I hope someday to hit the jackpot. In fact, you are lucky! Because you don’t have to spend all of their energy and resources used in fried rice, if so, your chances of selling the domain name harder than 5 million awards! If you are a bug that your occupation of millet, life is miserable. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t comment on your "works", but there are too many domain names I see here or there. For example, you call the "three miscellaneous". Now the world is complaining about made China in, some biased, some I can not see. Because the quality of the Chinese people from the uneven in quality, you mixed domain made in China remarkable quality.

I want to ask you, you make is to what purpose? Is the dream of overnight hoarding and profiteering. Oh, wake up. If your ambition is not to enter the IT industry, I think you always stop. Maybe one day your baby will become garbage to be deleted, and then the East is your hard-earned money value? It is ridiculous that registered star name Michong, you have not heard a word called "heartless bitch, the actor has no meaning? These so-called stars, big brand early your own web site, a small do not have this ability. Fan Bingbing.Com of Fan Bingbing just refuse to Maggie Cheung, she spent a penny to buy your domain name not! That Nicholas Tse son of domain name cybersquatting is more ridiculous, speculation about the play, do not take it seriously.

your domain name if not into the site, even if there won’t be any traffic, you can call it a pearl in the palm is rubbish, One loves what is his own. Of course, many become the domain name of the website also has a lot of dead, the Internet is not so good to earn money.

finally advise millet worms, if there is no money, if only fried rice do not stand, if you have a strong psychological speculation, I advise you to stop it as early as possible. Don’t for those strange and eccentric domain name renewals, they appear in the table to delete the expired domain name is just a matter of time…