is reported that Amazon’s German workers strike again, has been held in six cargo center strikes. The union said on behalf of these workers, Amazon operates eight major logistics locations in Germany, and said workers plan to continue the strike in September 26th.

Verdi German trade unions said on Monday morning, the staff in the Amazon Amazon Germany is located in Hess, the Bard feld strike logistics center in Leipzig, leinberg, Wei Erne, and F Faure F Haim graben.


the incident is still the labor dispute, labor dispute has lasted more than two years, Verdi Union believes that Amazon logistics center staff should be attributed to the postal staff, should get a higher salary. However, Amazon believes that the company’s logistics center staff should be classified as the category of warehouse workers, they pay $13 per hour is entirely reasonable. Verdi asked Amazon’s 10000 German employees to work in a labor agreement with those in the German retail sector labor agreement similar.

in 2013, Amazon’s German workers held the first months of the strike, carried out a series of strikes, the cause of the strike has been around the wage issue, but there is news that until now Amazon declined to discuss a legally binding agreement with Verdi, and a spokesman for Amazon said that the strike will not affect the company’s delivery plan.


has recently announced a two point five percent wage increase, but that in the Verdi Union and retail and mail order business staff of the agreement there are still significant gaps compared. In addition to the improvement in income, the unions have agreed on working hours, holidays, extra expenses and special payments.