During the

day dragon boat dumplings wufangzhai Tmall mall sales are more than 10 thousand single, is the electronic commerce to wufangzhai sales bonus. In addition to Zhang Xiaoquan, wufangzhai, warrior, 100 birds gazelle, Fang Hui Chun Tang time-honored shop, also in the creation of good performance. With the help of e-commerce platform, the old brand is showing a new market vitality. However, the electricity supplier fake lvjinbujue, to the time-honored online business out of a problem.

years "was" on the line

recently, a time-honored years to expand business spread news network. The news, the beginning of 2013 years for the electricity supplier to decide within 1 months of on-line self Taobao store. Now the end of January, the reporter found that in addition to the fast bag featured in a convenience store to see some years, do not have any relevant years found that the actions of the layout of the network channels, large B2C platform Jingdong mall, dangdang.com Amazon, shop No. 1, and other mainstream no years in the sale of products, and domestic not many several pharmaceutical B2C vertical field pharmacy network, happy people online pharmacies etc. there is no product years.

years relevant responsible person said, years did not he any cooperation, as a history, has 600 main pharmaceutical enterprises, Hok Tong is not suitable for the development of business electricity supplier.

The reporter then login

kuaishubao website, found years Su Sydney cream, cream, Hok Tong Ren years health powder products found in the sale, Tu Vin Unionmaw and send discount. Faced with such a phenomenon, the person in charge told reporters, this is definitely not the company’s behavior, the company did not want to develop e-commerce, we will investigate this".


reporter linked to the fast bag shop founder Xu Zhiming, Xu Zhiming said that the fast bag is with years in the business sector, perhaps due to different division of labor, the person in charge of cooperation and knowledge of the issue. In addition, Xu Zhiming said that sina blue V certification is the person in charge of the business sector, specific details can be consulted to ID. And cooperation, why choose for years Xu Zhiming said, "Chinese love itself".

for such a response, the responsible person again, and not with the fast bag "years of cooperation, the Sina micro-blog is mentioned in the personal account, and not the company, the company is also not mentioned in the business sector". The whole thing is whirling, true or false.

old has been by e-commerce

today filed a time-honored business, many people will think of wufangzhai, Zhang Xiaoquan, Quanjude and other classic brands, but these time-honored electric bright today, some are forced out of step by step copycat business results. Many old brands in the new Taobao mall when they found that there are a lot of Taobao sellers are selling their products at low prices.