now many companies have the soft as a necessary means of publicity, and even some small and medium enterprises can not invest a lot of money because of the operation of the hard wide, often with soft start. Soft Wen is not only a low cost, and large amount of information, for customers to understand the product itself plays a good role, but now the newspapers and magazines always put together a list of commercial soft, layout not ornamental, the readability of many products is poor, thus causing the soft effect is not good. In fact, the better use of soft text this means can achieve the desired goal.

advertising is the most important to attract people’s attention, considering that not everyone can become your target consumers, advertising will need to let more people read, there is hope in a certain probability to hit some target. Today, there are thousands of people in the media costs, meaning that one thousand people see your ad, only one person will be your customers. In this era of information flooding, there is no way to avoid this phenomenon, we only have to carefully check whether the ads put in place to allow more people to pay attention to the characteristics of. Therefore, here to sum up the operation of a number of clever means of soft Wen, I hope you can stand out from the same page.

is the first kind of soft news into the nature, and put in the news layout, such as urban life, the front page is generally not allowed to do so. How do you do? First of all, you have to make your subject like news, such as: OKLEE.CN! Challenge Then you should try to write the text to news reports that the tone of station described in a more objective stance, with the best industry comments, and the other competitors, making readers interested in such a large space has been promotion is not possible, it is hard to release by advertising in release. Just to confuse the visual form, only a black box made from genuine news, if not careful will think this is a newspaper news interview. Of course there are some newspapers began at the end of this is marked with the small print ads, but I believe that as long as the title and text enough to attract people, even by the readers to see the advertisement, he is willing to read. Some people may think that this form should not be classified as soft, and should be specially planned hard wide, such understanding is not excessive, just because it is the starting point itself with a soft way of detailed product or enterprise, using hard wide release form only, so I think a kind of operation skill as the soft is also on the.

below to talk about is how to make your article in the special layout of the commercial soft text to jump out of the publicity effect. We first want to examine the commercial soft page layout of the reader is divided into several categories. Of course, the most important is the real customer, but at the same time we have to think, as well as dealers and peers, as well as the company’s leadership and staff. The customer is unknowable, and we can’t predict the effect accurately, but we can expect the latter. Although the customer is our ultimate target, but also we strive to attract buyers, but in the peer, distributors and employees of the company, the leader in the eyes of the good scores, also