nowadays, electric scooter has become a new fashion, whether on campus or in the park, there is no lack of fashion people pedal scooter, handsome figure over. Conform to the current latest leisure needs of the younger generation, music as sports following the super bike again after the new intelligent hardware – Jingdong GENE series chips electric scooter will be on December 6th at 10:00 on the morning of the Jingdong to raise public projectId=70983 punctuality open grab?.


is the newest member of music as sports brands, LETV electric scooter has launched a new version of aerospace aluminum body, weight 7 kg level, high energy technology motor, the appearance of fashion outside the intelligent gene. Custom version of the congregation to raise the price of 1599 yuan, the retail price of $1999.

as the campus and park the best means of transport, LETV GENE electric scooter using aircraft grade aluminum, with the opening of simple structure strong, high strength and light weight, weight is only 7 kg level, if not the female man, can easily put away. In addition to the patented folding structure, just gently with the foot wave, you can achieve a second opening and closing, after folding the front wheel as a supporting wheel, convenient towing, simple operation, easy to take the bus, subway.

in power, mileage and other key indicators, LETV GENE also has a very brisk data. By changing the number of motor winding and stator structure, as the motor efficiency extremum reached 90%, compared with similar products can increase 29-38% power, reduce power consumption by 22-28%. This also allows him to have excellent endurance, mileage significantly higher than before the product. It is worth mentioning that LETV GENE also supports non electric slide, you can also use the same as ordinary scooter in the power exhausted or not to help the case.

security, in addition to the selection of aircraft grade aluminum, the safety explosion-proof solid tire, solid and durable, grasp better performance, help users to easily cope with various complicated road conditions; at the same time, brakes, both electronic brake and rear foot brake, reduce the braking distance, can be used in the process of emergency response; the lighting, the series of 5 Watt High light efficiency LED array, both the road lighting and the front warning function, especially at night, can effectively prevent accidents.

users can be realized through the APP scooter, self named switch lights, and you can set a password lock switch through APP, intelligent anti-theft. At the same time equipped with riding special navigation system, through the high moral map, to achieve precise positioning; and the body of the LED dot matrix screen can display speed, gear, power and other key information. In addition, the user’s data and route track will be synchronized to store in the cloud server, easy to view at any time to share.