according to the information provided by the Su ningyun, easy to pay treasure number of registered members of more than 30 million (with TechWeb


after Ali balance treasure, will be forced to pay treasure to the financial market. Yesterday evening, the first Financial Daily reporters exclusively learned: Suning will soon officially entered the field of funds, began to get involved in the IMF and other financial products, the latter, easy to pay treasure will apply for an independent domain name.

in an interview with this reporter, Su ningyun responsible person admitted that easy to pay treasure will launch a new business, but said nothing about whether involved in micro finance topics.

although the third party payment market now accounts for a smaller proportion, but its catfish effect can not be ignored." IBM Senior Strategic analyst Wang Qi believes that in spite of this, the United States PayPal company launched a U.S. version of "balance of treasure" in early 1999, but after a dozen years have been from the historical stage curtain call. It is too early to determine the prospects of the balance of treasure.

fund allies over 10

Su Ningyi Nanjing Fu Bao Network Technology Co. Ltd., is an independent third party Su ningyun group Limited by Share Ltd’s payment company. Newspaper reporter access found that it was established in 2011, the registered capital of 100 million yuan, and in June 2012 the people’s Bank of China issued the payment of the business license of the third party.

according to the information provided by the Su ningyun, easy to pay treasure number of registered members of more than 30 million, the effective membership reached 25 million, the annual trading volume exceeded 10 billion yuan; at present, more than and 100 major banks have established a deep strategic partnership.

previously, easy to pay treasure has support for credit card payments, bank card transfer, mobile phone recharge, utilities, fixed broadband pay etc.. According to a cooperation fund responsible person said to the reporter, the first half of the year, Suning financial department has set up a special fund products group, and has performed with more than and 10 domestic well-known fund companies in close contact, ready to launch for easy to pay the balance of financial value-added services; and after the balance of treasure only announced the cooperation with the day hongzeng monetary fund.

in addition to the number of cooperative fund companies, the balance of the business and the biggest difference lies in the treasure two points: first, not only To C To B, that is: for individuals and businesses. "These people said, the second difference is that Su ningyun owns more than 1 thousand and 600 stores of resources, the future is likely to set up online stores under the" financial counter "," double "promotion of Internet banking financial products.

although there are some differences in the details, but the balance of treasure, easy to pay treasure "in essence is the same type of products, to achieve the same function, namely financial fragmentation, the only difference is to buy different types by different platform Monetary Fund for maintenance. For the scope of the fund involved in the company, has yet to get the exact message. However, the above confirmed that the current market can provide such financial