88.com since the opening of the group buying business, the majority of Internet users love, business has been steadily rising. Near Children’s Day, business is usually rose more than 3 times, in addition to the 88.com domain of the king’s natural advantage, whether there are other ways to do so, the relevant responsible person to talk about doing group purchase experience, for the webmaster friends a few "dry cargo" share:

a, seize the holidays, targeted early preparation (carefully prepared for the children’s day in advance stocking).

88.com is started from the children’s group purchase business, many businesses and children have a good relationship, for the coming Children’s Day this opportunity to have one month in advance to do a careful preparation, positive for children Beizu more than and 20 classic gifts, including famous books and audio-visual products puzzle toys, such as "one hundred thousand why", "children’s Encyclopedia", "Disney", "classic", "Duo A dream children Almighty great wisdom" and many other famous full set of audio books, the price is not expensive, only 40 yuan. Now when it comes to the holidays, especially the children’s day, parents send what to give the child, is a headache, 88.com hit "61" gifts concept: the care of children, gave TA knowledge and power! "61" children, the parents of Qi Huanxin, took the minds of their parents, have to buy children! Close to the "61" sales soared


two, good service, enhance the reputation, let users trust

!Compared with the traditional

group purchase online shopping, more cheap, good service, high reputation of the group purchase website also is more reliable, therefore, good service, improve visibility and reputation, is the key. To be like others to serve as the standard to serve their users, intentions to do, choose the product, so that users more trust and love, to discuss the user likes!

three, choose the right direction, focus on a little, and gradually become bigger (do local, vertical market segments, more opportunities).

in the current number of large group purchase website bombarded publicity situation, if do portal integrated, group purchase website, history tells us that the market will only last for a few, but local, sub vertical market opportunities in many provinces and cities, China vast territory, many hundreds of segments, each region, each field can accommodate many websites, and these areas and regions, is a comprehensive portal website can’t be taken into account, which is beyond the reach of your chance. 88.com is the choice of children’s products as a starting point to expand gradually do.

four, the use of all opportunities and platforms to expand publicity.

group purchase sites have appeared in the now well-known traditional media such as newspaper and television, expand the exposure, it is helpful to enhance the visibility is, but the grassroots new website, is not the economic strength to do. That how to do it, since it is the site, of course, or the use of network media publicity to direct, conversion >