text / print reporter Wang Ji, Xu Lijun, and his wife, (published in the entrepreneur seventh)


alive, electricity supplier is the most happy thing.

bubble when the most ferocious, an average manager dared to ask for a monthly salary of 60 thousand, this money game who can afford to play?

when the flashy fade, the conversion rate of flow, what are the clouds, your cash is god.

in the past six months, which electricity supplier to get the money?. "Now the money difficult, investment manager of a VC of" entrepreneurs "said," even if it is to get the money, the electricity supplier can not easily hit."

in order to survive, the electricity supplier first compression costs. No money, live to reduce advertising, layoffs, very careful in reckoning, cut off SKU, what can not be cut? But "shrinkage" is not a good feeling. Reduce advertising is to save money, while China’s online shopping users transfer costs are very low, if there is not enough strong brand marketing support, users will quickly drain. Thus, the electricity providers who pay more attention to viral marketing, precision operations to enhance the conversion rate.

in addition to throttle, electricity providers are also trying to find ways to increase profit, such as open source, many group purchase site increases physical mail order business, some electricity providers pay more attention through the line to pull the online sales.

hard to live at the same time, the electricity supplier in the hope of next year. Estimated to the first quarter of next year, the industry will pick up, a founder of the electricity supplier so judgment. But the spring will really come on time after the madness of the group and the bursting of the bubble, investors have a lot of calm, the capital has begun to return to traditional projects.

"if the electricity supplier compared to running, so it is not a sprint, do not run, but in long distance", an industry believes that the electricity supplier is best "steady development", rather than as gaopeng.com, handle, Wo Wo Group as the "great leap forward".

electricity the main problem is not to make money, before we burn, desperately smashing advertising, do large-scale, the logic behind the left is king, go the other way, let others have no way out.

make up to that day, the survival logic would be still

?100 commercial

below, both in the past two years the financing records were selected as the survey sample, through a comprehensive review of the business scale, financial data, capital chain, and the team’s status, to describe the state of existence.

The number of

"*" represents a different health status, the specific meaning is as follows:

assumes that the state is still good, the normal operation of

* * *: careless, there are certain characteristics, but also obvious short board, can still survive

* *: dangerous operating difficulties, there is greater uncertainty.