"shuangshier" comes, the store, the supermarket around the active efforts significantly increased a lot, some supermarkets also played mobile payment cards, can play half off fold, etc.. But the middle-aged customer enthusiasm is very high, and even some supermarket on sale after a settlement gave Chinese cabbage.

we have seen in the supermarket, many people are buying daily necessities, consumables and so on, settlement and widespread use of mobile payment methods, some people are still at the scene to download some mobile payment application, and then check again, enjoy discount discount.

in fact, this is also a mobile payment service providers to jointly promote the sale of some of the tools, the purpose is also hoping to attract more mobile payment users, the depth of the market. So, we see, in addition to supermarkets, convenience stores, more increase of catering, beauty salons, farms and many other scenes. However, we are concerned that the user in the super store and restaurant mobile payment scenarios and higher enthusiasm.

In addition,

is the O2O application, O2O market this year again reshuffle, with the U.S. group and the public comment, Ali after the withdrawal of the full layout of their reputation, now the O2O market are the new group, Baidu Nuomi, word-of-mouth re formed a situation of tripartite confrontation trend, but not all, or can form a chance of breaking also need to continue to observe a period of time.

we saw this year, "shuangshier", Baidu Nuomi is another way to borrow big data precision made festival dedicated to creating "shuangshier Hot pot Festival" started off, "shuangshier" melee enclosure. Moreover, before Baidu Nuomi released a group of hot pot Festival big data, relying on big data statistics and analysis, to provide data basis and decision-making basis for Baidu Nuomi Festival marketing. Baidu big data show that during the festival is the second only to the second hot pot catering consumer categories. In fact, in the north of the friends all know, the weather is cold, eat Hot pot will be more and more people, in fact, people are so Hot pot group purchase.

in addition, there are some interesting trends, some electricity began to reexamine the relationship between online and offline, and even some electricity began to re open the store mode, of course, at this time the inherent store and the original market store is different, more O2O, hope that through some of the electricity supplier fans of communication and marketing methods to create a new O2O business model. This may also be a development trend in the future.

electricity supplier said that "we found online customer increase has been the bottleneck, and the homogenization of the product line more and more also led to increasing competition, online shop to enhance the customer experience, improve the conversion rate is a good step." In fact, if the line two can combine better, can greatly enhance customer conversion, some businesses also in online and offline conversion rate, on the contrary sometimes under the line but has more advantages, this is also the time we see including Amazon, Dangdang began to try to open the next line store mode of the traditional >