recently, as a creative way of life "plus the new" new online. More creative products, better user experience more and more creative pursuit of quality of life of users, more users laments that can let a person want to chop hands, do not stop.



of this revision, by the combination of the new CEO, former Baidu chief designer Guo Yu personally led and participated in the design of design in Tsinghua PhD and senior creative illustrator under completed. A web site was a large number of designers and users on the scene.


from the home page layout and column settings more rich and reasonable. Recommended section in new, innovative products through the combination of global mining products BD team, allowing users to buy to design boutique original design, enjoy the fun. Through a variety of new weekly promotional topics to allow consumers to experience the charm of creative products at a more favorable price.

in addition, the new version adds "free experience officer" and "chief designer" two program features, experience free through creative new fans, enhance the user of the combination of affection, and the establishment of the chief designer of the column, provides a sound channel for talented designers, boosting its own influence.

plus Italy’s mission is to connect the designers and consumers, let everyone enjoy the fun design every day with a little creativity.

for consumers, better free to live in plus you can not only buy prerelease design boutique original, can also find the designer to provide creative design services exclusively for you. For the designer, you can not only free combination in the design of new products and design services, plus is a free mobile provider and promotion platform, help you realize the dream of free design.


August 6th, plus Italy officially announced for one group (original Youku potatoes group) the number of million A round of financing, had won the Morningside venture Angel round of investment.

plus the new business model is D2C (DesignertoConsumer), mainly through the design of products mall platform, so that consumers can buy high cost preferred new design supplies. More importantly, plus the new activation designer of the important roles of society into social life by participation, helping consumers to provide life personalized solutions, consumers and designers can fully interact, participate in new, creative design and manufacturing process.

recently added new products also by sending coupons, discount promotions, new special holiday activities to attract more user attention and consumption.