high-profile the Great Wall 2016 Chinese advertising awards in the days before the announcement, Chinese advertising the Great Wall award is advertising professional awards of China’s largest and most influential, is one of the core event China international advertising festival. Honey bud during the Spring Festival in 2016 to build the # you baby honey bud 301 berserk Festival # integrated marketing won 2016 China the Great Wall award Brand Marketing Award, causing the industry concern.


] detailed case

in honey bud "301" on the eve of the big promotion, seize the "Spring Festival" this sensitive time node, making a group of "you had?", "fuck you baby" and "do you have children have pressure?" very suction eye force to the topic, socialization the topic of discussion, TVC video and television media and bombing during the Spring Festival program head implants, binding brand and social hot spots, realize running product effect to brand awareness improved rapidly, and combined with domestic well-known brand car launched the "Honey bud pregnant mother car" activities, and launched "raise children without the burden of" as the core concept of honey bud well, "1 million baby artifact free collar, 2016 people have a shopping Jin" and the theme of consumption activities. The "birth", "pregnancy", "baby" this complete marketing logic line and target customer groups of consumer behavior transformation path naturally linked together, resulting in a very explosive effect.


during the project, honey bud through the integration of communication, Baidu index grew by 700%, the new registered users of 5 million, brand awareness increased by, IOS APP STORE free list of all categories ranking rose to third.

a question, "are you born?" triggered such a large market reaction, honey bud is how to achieve?

During the Spring Festival in

, 80 young people in the struggle for thousands of miles back home at seven Gu eight aunt once a year to seize the opportunity to ask questions! "Married?" "what the children?" and child open force generated social mood at that time of 90% young people scratching their heads.

How could

during the Spring Festival with the public mood influence the traditional marketing amplification effect?, user contact with the media during the Spring Festival is different from the conventional time to the Spring Festival # forced students # heat marketing, build a multi-dimensional advertising scene is the key. Honey bud in the binding, you are born, the strategy, choose to launch a large media + content + 3 + + system to ensure the accuracy of the effect of the exposure to ensure that the spread, and the effect of the recovery of multi-dimensional advertising scene construction.



layer is the basal media exposure of integrated marketing, high-frequency honey bud baby Wang Han # you # magic TVC advertising Hunan, Zhejiang Oriental three TV and Iqiyi, Youku, mango TV three big video website launch, will be bound with baby brand depth, by strengthening the party spokesperson Wang Han language >