e-commerce platform has attracted more and more attention of Internet users, with the development of the Internet era, people love to stay at home to buy what they want, the enterprise procurement staff increasingly through e-commerce platform to get the order, more and more enterprises choose to use e-commerce platform to increase sales, so, how to use the e-commerce platform to increase sales of


world factory believes that enterprises in the absence of funds, no human resources, there is no brand and so on, the choice of e-commerce platform for marketing is the best choice. Enterprises in e-commerce platform, can make their products free to play there, make full use of the platform’s high weight, high flow, professional optimization and other resources.

As long as there is

e-commerce marketing platform, so the enterprise can do a lot of things on the platform, a smart business owners, to find such a platform, will seriously study, to find useful products target platform, establish a set of effective marketing programs with marketing based on e-commerce platform, enterprise the marketing effect will be more effective, it is the enterprise to spend the least money, has become the biggest beneficiary of

!After the selection of

platform, the rest is the use of the problem, why the same e-commerce platform, A enterprise is very effective, but it is very difficult for the enterprise B effect is at a discount? This is the key that the application execution of < / p>!

1, in the choice of e-commerce platform, you need to do a lot of work. First of all, you have to understand the rules of the game platform, help center is a good choice, and strive to make their product information in the first five pages of the first. For example, the world’s factory business platform, product information is ranked according to the distribution of keyword matching and currency products come for the final ranking, as long as diligent in product information to give products enough product coins, it is easy to product information top! And the product can be obtained by issuing currency products, and the world the factory to get redeem.

2, your product information must be excellent. In other words, is your product must be strict quality, if the quality of the product is different, even if the ranking is good, also can only do a one-time transaction, serious will also affect the reputation of the enterprise!

3, enterprises must be honest. Now the integrity of e-commerce has become an important factor in the transaction can not be underestimated, so the certificate of the enterprise to be comprehensive and true, not false. Now, like the world factory of large B2B electronic commerce transaction platform has the authentication function of enterprises, enterprises through the upload certificate authority valid electronic scan version, you can get the exclusive symbol of the world factory integrity certification, which can greatly improve the credibility of enterprises.

4, high efficiency. World factory network through the survey found that a lot of companies registered in the business after the shops, some shops are responsible for their work in addition to >