2012 Spring Festival is coming, but the past 2011 is an extraordinary year. In the first half of the Internet industry in order to buy electricity supplier and the main model to attract a lot of investors at home and abroad, so that the rapid expansion of the electricity supplier, the whole industry has begun to become less harmonious.

but it is not so long, the second half of the year, with the Internet winter topic came after the former raise a Babel of criticism of many people, is optimistic about the industry and is now regarded as the government. Before a IPO handle failure, after the high friends network, Wo Wo Group, 24 group purchase coupons and other network broke the news of layoffs.

after just three months, and the Huha network, the NetEase to Eslite recently with the grand water insoluble poly mesh products together collapse, commercial enterprises are in transition to quickly model. Regardless of whether the Internet will come in winter, the Internet is always not

to serve class lively industry, it is in the market share of other industries can not be replaced. Although this winter is a bit cold, but not the winter of the Internet, so whether it is buying bigwigs or electricity supplier giants should not bow in the face of difficulties.

2012 as soon as the Spring Festival comes, the new spring has come, the new Internet life will emerge as the times require. As long as the electricity supplier companies in the past few months to carry the past, then the hope of success is not far away. Perhaps after such a special winter, the electricity supplier industry will go back to the rational state regulation, so that the electricity supplier to survive the development of space is even greater, the hope of success will be even greater. So the business enterprise in this electronic commerce industry back to rational as what should be done? The Star Shopping Mall (www.xingmengshopping.cn) that Yang Yongshi should start from the following three points.

first adjust the electricity supplier business model

is now whether to buy or B2C electricity supplier, some companies have to go abroad has been the existence of the model. With foreign and domestic consumption levels and cultural concepts are not the same, so take their model in the country may not be successful. Therefore, the domestic electricity supplier companies should go their own electricity supplier of the road, out of their own unique domestic consumer and market operations. Only in this way, the electricity supplier companies will go long, go further, e-commerce industry will develop well.

second to reduce the operating costs of electricity supplier companies

in 2011, the domestic electricity supplier since received strong support from investors, began a frenzied expansion, advertising investment is overwhelming, fast burn electricity supplier was scary, resulting in operating costs rising. So that the electricity supplier in the second half of the hands of the activities of the funds is extremely tight, had to streamline the staff, a large number of layoffs, the amount of advertising is also beginning to reduce. Therefore, the current electricity supplier business should be rational rational advertising and market expansion, as soon as possible to reduce the operating costs of B2C sites, it is possible to help electricity providers in this winter