news March 7th, billion state power network that the city Crowdsourcing distribution platform to the fresh announced funding strand breaks before the Spring Festival, due to the failure of financing to support the company operation, the termination of the project. Currently, the company has ceased operations.

founder Lu Gang said to billion state power network, the main reason to fresh capital chain is A round of financing failure, no cash accounts of the company, currently apply to enter the liquidation process. After the liquidation of the company in March will be open to the public account details, and actively deal with assets, and strive to give employees more compensation.

It is understood that

had promised to terminate the project in the internal mail:

(1) employees can take away their computers and other fixed office assets;

(2) will be able to recover the housing deposit and other receivables, and as far as possible to the fair distribution of staff;

(3) founder himself will raise funds for all parties, as much as possible to give employees more compensation.


to the founder of the latest announced the termination of the project’s internal mail

one of the most fresh staff told billion state power network, the most fresh to have stopped operating in February this year, the staff after the Spring Festival will no longer go to the company to work, only the individual on the liquidation of disgruntled employees still "stationed", most of the staff eventually got the cash compensation of 1000 yuan.

It is reported that

, in addition to internal staff, to make a commitment to the most fresh platform attendant "fresh Front Officer" for the company within 3 months before the collapse of the orders and the account balance of 50 yuan in the delivery staff, will be in the company after the liquidation of assets to settle its income distribution.

data show that the most fresh is a location based service platform to provide city O2O short distance speed distribution services, 2014 began trial operation in Shanghai, the business has expanded to Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other more than and 10 city cooperation brands including Subway, Huang Taiji, January 2016; a low-key transition, on-line business platform to store the most fresh through the combination of Crowdsourcing, logistics and warehousing Crowdsourcing phase to provide "cold chain storage" and "fresh delivery" service.