22 held in 2010 the first zero channel of the Internet based annual meeting, the Ministry of Commerce said Nie Linhai, deputy director of information technology, the Ministry of Commerce as the electronic commerce department in charge of industry in recent years, attaches great importance to the work of electronic commerce. This year will focus on encouraging the development of electronic commerce, support the norms of online consumption, cultivate professional online retail business, support the construction of new commercial sites.

and China SME Development Research Center Xiao Qiang in an interview with this reporter revealed that the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of industry and the development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments will be introduced to support the development of e-commerce related policies.

industry analysts generally believe that the policy support coupled with the gradual expansion of the size and demand of users, e-commerce prospects are very broad.

Analysys International Senior Analyst Cao Fei said, is expected to 2012, Chinese online retail market will reach 713 billion, and according to the trend of rapid development, 2014 Chinese online retail channels are expected to exceed the proportion of 5%, advance to the Ministry of Commerce of the "12th Five-Year" development plan is expected.

foreign online shopping penetration has reached 70%, while the country is currently only about 30%, while the number of Internet users in China is still increasing." Zhuo Dongwei, director of marketing Agel Ecommerce Ltd fast told reporters that the third party payment companies are very optimistic about the prospects for future development.

"we will create an e-commerce development environment, promote the use of e-commerce in SMEs, e-commerce demonstration cities to promote the pilot, the development of rural e-commerce market, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation." Nie Linhai said it would further strengthen communication with relevant departments, while tracking the development of the industry to optimize the online retail environment.