at the end of October, Ali, a Jingdong one day apart, has released the video business plan, seems to give an illusion of electricity market is likely to erupt video. The research in this field is very clear, the video shopping concept has been calling for many years, even Ali, Jingdong launched a new watch and buy as the chain is old wine in new bottles.

video TV market so that the electricity supplier giants are also very awkward, we all believe that the field of video has a strong electricity supplier value, but it has not been able to make substantial progress. In addition, with the development of smart TVs this year, derived from a very close with the video electricity supplier "TV business market, however, the TV business also faces the same development challenge the ideal full reality skinny.

video business, business enterprise can not give up the dream of obscenity

if the video electricity providers interested, may wish to search, Ali and Jingdong in the two years ago began shouting slogans, but compared to now, basically not too many changes, are in the early stages of obscenity. To say that progress has been made, it is now more closely combined with the variety of video electricity supplier, but the actual effect is not how, the problem we stay in the following discussion.

Ali, Jingdong have announced their video providers strategic vision, there are a lot of users do not feel cut. Of course, the early development of new things are often not to be optimistic, this is normal, consumers have enough reason not to accept video shopping, but in terms of the business enterprise, can make is not the most important, the most important is to be done, if made of


theoretically, the video contains huge business value, each item for each scene has a potential role for the electricity supplier to the consumer, and this is the enterprise video advertising, is to make money. Before you open up the video access, this is called advertising, brand exposure, if through video access, which can bring direct conversion, enterprises are welcome.

but this is limited to theory, the actual situation may not be so optimistic. From our personal point of view, you see so many videos, how many times have had to buy the same product in the video needs?. But watching the video fluency, who would look at the sudden stop to the first single, and in the miss that moment, it will not want to buy.

of course, Chinese market is large enough, the user enough, there will be at least some users will be watching video order, but this kind of shopping in a short time is difficult to popularization, but also not the real consumer demand for shopping, or two years already enough to grow the video electricity supplier.

in terms of the business enterprise, users buy them temporarily incapable of action but when they have enough technology, skilled, can provide service, and then slowly cultivate habits of users, if one day the wind suddenly changed, electricity began to popular video? "