August, the Russian Ruble ushered in a crash, the dollar fell to 1:71.20 against the ruble, the yuan against the ruble fell from last year’s 1:5 to the current 1:10. In theory, the currency devaluation will lead to the decline in purchasing power, the relative cost of sales increase, the export of electricity supplier is undoubtedly bad news. But from the cross-border electricity supplier data, the Russian market is a hot export. For the first time in 2014, Tmall international double 11 big promotion, the Russian market has become the biggest market in the absolute proportion of 30%; Russia’s largest search engine Y andex data show that from Chinese amount of advertising in the past two years are growing at a rate of 200%. Because of this, the company in September 10th to set up offices in Shanghai, China, which is its first office in asia. According to the prospective industry Research Institute released the "standing on the cross-border electricity outlet – Chinese traditional business enterprise transformation direction and Strategy Research Report" shows that in 2014, the Russian cross-border electricity retail market of about $7 billion, is expected in 2015 will reach $14 billion in size, will occupy 60% of the total electricity market in russia. Compared to the 20% European high-end brand market, the withdrawal of the Russian Ruble plunged off Russia’s official website of apple, but to bring the gold West back east of the Russian national opportunity.

Russia personal allowance of 1000 euros

"we are considering pricing, so the Russian official website online store temporarily unavailable." Earlier this year, Apple Corp announced the temporary closure of Russia’s official website. In November last year, Apple had a price adjustment on the Russian market, rose nearly 20%, but still can not resist the devaluation of the ruble, apple in Russia to cabbage price was snapped up, and ultimately helpless to close the market.

this is almost the same problem facing the Russian market: the currency is not stable so that your gold sold at any time as cabbage".

but China’s electricity supplier companies at this time the rise. In fact, the impact of the devaluation of Sino Russian trade is not obvious, because China’s exports to Russia in the long term is just need products." Russian logistics companies in Russia through the fast CEO told reporters in Nandu told reporters that the value of such goods is low, the demand is more stable. At the same time, a large base of its users, low value products to high sales at this time accounted for the opportunity." According to Yandex data show that Russia’s online shopping users 30 million, an annual production of 195 million transactions, each user has produced a total of 6.4 transactions per year, and this is only in the case of electricity supplier penetration rate of only 1.9%. In contrast, China’s electricity supplier sales accounted for 5.3% of total trade.

with the increase in price sensitivity of Russian consumers, electricity supplier price advantage compared to traditional trade is also more obvious. An ordinary toothbrush, electricity supplier to buy the price is the local line to buy the price of 1/3." Yandex Greater China President Cai Xuefeng said. In fact, Russia’s personal tax allowance of 1000 euros, compared to China’s $50, Western European countries are higher than the euro 22