according to the Xinhua news agency Xinhua recently, the State Council issued the "guiding opinions on promoting the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce healthy". This is the new situation, to promote the development of cross-border e-commerce guidance document.

"opinions" clear, both universal support for domestic enterprises to use e-commerce to carry out foreign trade, but also focus on the strength of enterprises to encourage bigger and stronger. In particular, it is necessary to cultivate a number of public platform, foreign trade integrated service enterprises and self built platform, and encourage domestic enterprises and foreign e-commerce enterprises powerful alliances.

"opinions" put forward five aspects of support measures. First, optimize the customs regulatory measures to further improve cross-border e-commerce inbound and outbound goods, goods management model, optimize cross-border e-commerce customs import and export customs clearance process. Two is to improve the inspection and quarantine regulatory policies and measures, the implementation of cross-border e-commerce import and export goods declaration, inspection and release of cross-border e-commerce business entities and the implementation of record management system. The three is a clear specification of import and export tax policy, continue to implement the current cross-border e-commerce retail export tax policy, in accordance with the help of stimulating domestic consumption, fair competition and promote the development and strengthen the management of import tax principle, to develop cross-border e-commerce retail and import tax policy. Four is to improve the management of e-commerce payment and settlement, and steadily push forward the payment mechanism of cross-border foreign exchange payment business pilot, encourage domestic banks, Payment institutions to carry out cross-border compliance electronic payment services. Five is to provide financial support for cross-border e-commerce enterprises to go out of the key projects to give the necessary financial support for cross-border e-commerce to provide suitable credit insurance services. Provide effective financing and insurance support to cross-border e-commerce foreign trade integrated service enterprises.