Yangcheng Evening News reporter Ma Hanqing reported: a courier number can sell 0.4-1 yuan on the Internet, or even higher! Reporter yesterday from the postal department, the State Post Bureau will jointly multiple departments of industry and Commerce and public security, from this month until October to carry out the delivery service information safety special rectification actions. However, so far, some online speculation Express single website is still active, accept the Yangcheng Evening News reporter interviewed people in the industry believe that a pressing matter of the moment is to put these fried single site arrogance.

fried single site to continue to "crimes against the wind"

why express a single number can sell for money? It is understood that this is mainly some Taobao sellers brush drill to enhance the credibility of the requirements. In Guangzhou to do the daily necessities of the network seller Li Xiaojie told reporters that the higher the credibility of Taobao, the more likely to get the trust of buyers, and like diamonds, crown and other credit rating based on the actual transaction. In this way, some Taobao novice to improve credibility as soon as possible, think of a crooked trick by buying express order to impersonate the actual transaction brush drill, the price is generally 0.4 to 1 yuan for a single. Taobao has also been hit, but it is still difficult to eradicate.

State Post Bureau, from June to October will carry out the delivery of information safety special rectification action, to further promote the awareness of postal enterprises and express delivery enterprises to enhance delivery services, strengthen information security management, the implementation of security responsibilities, eliminate security risks and to implement corrective measures to ensure the postal communications and information security, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of customers.

however, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter found that till yesterday, some well-known online speculation website to express a single number is still active. If there is a sell order is displayed on the site, tact, Shen Tong, Tong and other courier companies can provide the number, origin of Guangzhou, including Guangdong Shenzhen and Henan, Liaoning and other places, and stressed that "safe and fast", "one yuan charge, only a single brush drill, bottom, hand free worry". Another website detailing the "Taobao brush explosion of common practices" and "one day the number of brush reputation security" and other skills, and said: "once released this station all number only, sell one, please rest assured that the use of." More encouraging buyers said, because you hesitate, may be the first to buy." I do not know whether the recent wind tight, some sites with a single price has risen to 2 yuan / single.

to fight a single brush drill is a priority

it is understood that before this special action, the State Post Bureau, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security and other six departments have jointly issued the "notice" on a really good job posting and delivery service information of work safety supervision, supervision and inspection requirements imposed.


notification, postal administrations at all levels should work together with public security, national security, information industry and other departments of the enterprise organization delivering all aspects of production, various parts to carry out comprehensive and systematic and thorough investigation. The enterprise involved in the user information of each link, each post, each staff to one by one investigation, issued by