[Reuters] Le Tian billion state power South Korea (LOTTE) Tmall official flagship store has closed completely in January 12th, and after a lapse of one month, when the news appeared in the media reports, many netizens expressed surprise, "haven’t seen it has anything happened, how close the


, Tmall said, Lotte shut down Tmall flagship store is based on their own situation in the global business strategy adjustments. But Lotte has not made any explanation.

Lotte had to leave

view billion state power network in recent years in the Chinese movement found that the line of business, Lotte had also closed 3 stores, and by the end of 2016 to stop spending huge sums to build Lotte World project in Shenyang. The online business, the Jingdong’s flagship store on-line in September 2016 and August 2015 Chinese official on-line shopping website is still in operation, but also seems to be a bit less care means, such as Valentine’s day has been over the past week, the Jingdong store home focus map has not yet updated.

public information, March 2015 online shopping (LOTTE.COM) and Lotte Lotte Mart announced at the Tmall international open "Lotte Mart Museum" (lottemart.tmall.hk), later renamed the "LOTTE online shopping overseas official flagship store". In other words, Tmall flagship store life is less than two years.


"this result is not unexpected." One of the industry to billion state power network that, in the past two years, a large number of overseas retailers take advantage of cross-border electricity wind into Chinese, have come to the Tmall flagship store, pedestria is bound to the survival of the fittest, and the elimination speed will be faster.

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billion state power network is understood that the current Tmall international has more than and 20 large overseas retailers. The United States Costco, Macy, Target, Saks’ s Fifth Avenue, Sainsbury s House, the British "of Fraser, metro of Germany, Spain Dia, Italy IPER, Eurospin, Woolworths in Australia, Chemist Warehouse, Metcash Countdown, New Zealand, South Korea’s E-MART, Japan AEON, Matsumoto Kiyo, Isetan Mitsukoshi Kingpower, Thailand, are settled in succession in these two years.

in 2015 and 11 double in 2016, some of the overseas retailers to become Tmall’s main push star face, and successfully appeared in the sales TOP10 list. As early as March 2015, Tmall has settled in South Korea Lotte, but has been unknown.

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"Lotte action early, but not too deep into, did not establish their own unique advantages. The Korean brands it sells, very