website: this topic is how to profit a lot, what is the main, you see what type of website, such as the most simple, we take the shopping website: a shopping website, how do we look at it profitable way, first, what you need is, your site for sale what is the goods! If it is similar with Taobao, all kinds of daily necessities, then your profit range is only a variety of life for people, for example, you are selling clothes website, you can not go to buy the domain name space people to do publicity, so unrealistic.

a shopping website is very simple, the purpose is to let people go shopping, is to let the consumer in your site, you have to consider how to arrange the goods to attract customers, can let customers in your site to stay for a minute! You may be the one commodity attraction customer just to let him this is a commodity, and in your website does not stop the attention you do.

two is your shopping site, you can add interest to shopping! Is not the only commodity to enable customers to love, also need your site with shopping shopping information ah, help ah, how to shop, customer service service is how to write, write clear, concise as far as possible, so that at a glance, rather than complex! Will try to add some shopping experience and shopping experience like the article, even if others once to buy you something, but he love on your article, then he will love you the first station, do not buy, second second, the third might have bought


three on your website at the same time the pursuit of many commodities, but also try to pursue the speed! What is your website speed? When others open, speed must keep up, many people only pursue website goods to make money, goods will be kept, but before this, whether your website can support?? each measure it, when you are in the range of goods, your site open speed more than 5 seconds, I believe this will give you a lot of lost customers! The same search engines are not recognized for your website, not what is the reason! Open slow tips! If you really want to add so many goods, so please put your home page content simple, do the most simple, most single! Internal content you can casually, because home is the first sight of the local people , open speed must be fast!

even if the search engine is not included in your station, at least you have a home page or possible.

four: when you do the shopping website, please don’t try to seek the high flow, spread everywhere, you know you are shopping station, if you go to the platform to promote Wangzhuan like, even if you can bring traffic, but traffic is dead, what is death flow, that is to say, they don not for shopping, you may just be the title attractive enough to see a go, this flow in, in the high popularity, is specious! And we need is the amount of customers! Is your web site.