is currently Shanghai Longfeng optimization, website content plays an important role. The efficient external links, Links can effectively attract users, if the website does not have content, conversion of the chain rate will be low. In the web site update, mostly false original article website will update as a key, relative original, pseudo original embezzle the central idea of the original, another way to the original "copy" pseudo original, the biggest benefit is generally not beside the point, two will be included in the search engine is very good the. This year to the 6-7 website wrote pseudo original, more or less accumulated some experience. Now on the website of the pseudo original update to talk about a few understanding.

pseudo original effect can be better than the original

website content included in the love of Shanghai, some owners to pay someone to write some original articles, royalties from one yuan to ten yuan, the quality does not matter, as long as the sentence can be included in search engines can. The original article although the original degree is high, most of the search engines can. But standing in the user experience.

In order to improve the

pseudo original core in content, but in the title

pseudo original fee is generally low

is a pseudo original article, the price is not too high, for several websites to write pseudo original, the highest paid only 8 yuan a, first write up more exciting, at a later stage, more and more perfunctory himself, a pseudo original article is generally in about 500 words, a short wonderful stories are generally in about 800 words, so 500 words in addition to pseudo original included in the search engine, for users, almost no sense of what. Love chess friends all know such a sentence: and chess, more and more smelly chess baskets! Long write false original article, will be more and more "eight", in addition to words, what cannot bring something useful to the user.

said, a pseudo original article with about 500 words, read the article quickly may less than half a minute to read, the biggest magic weapon to attract users to click on the title of the article, an article in the title under the foot, is half done. In the original writing, the title of the master may wish to look at the local newspaper reporter, news reports on the title grasp more refined. The title is not the title of the party, but with the refined words will summed up the core of the whole article, a short duration of time can make non Kung fu. An article how to make love in Shanghai included, do a lot of garbage station already proficient in a way, this way is very simple, "the title of the party and mumbo-jumbo", the title is very attractive, mumbo-jumbo is no one can understand, in this way the pseudo original, almost a few minutes fix, pseudo original way this does not need to ask people to write, "the title of the party and mumbo-jumbo", is the lowest level of pseudo original. Recently, Google love Shanghai changed the rules, like this article sooner or later will be K off! This kind of pseudo original is already out of the edge.