the active call 360 after waiting for nearly 4 days, finally received a call, ready to recharge, opening, recharge 4600 yuan, is a long review period, it is nearly a week’s time, the account was finally approved, you can ask the customer service line, why so long, the the answer is waiting for accounts opened too much.

evaluation of




loves Shanghai very rich

began to promote





, what is the 360 point

marketing platform? On the management of Three,


four, click price


may be a cause of trade restrictions and audit more complex, open number 360 dotting the promotion are not many users, the traditional industry promotion love Shanghai more fierce competition and to promote a dozen, while the 360 is a total of only 3, that is to say all the low bid (the lowest bid 0.3 yuan) also can row to the left side of the three. 360 promotion ranking rule is left three and right eight, left by the Ming > promotion area

promotion backgroundLet

two, opening an account

360 dotting background can be said to be abnormal, let used Baidu promotion I started to have some does not adapt, as shown below, the background contains delivery management, utility and evaluation, and account information of four parts:

360 search on-line since mid August last year, to clean and free of advertising as its biggest selling point, the end can’t resist the temptation of money online promotion platform, of course, this is no ground for blame is the only way to make money, after all, at least to promote region is clearly marked, since August last year on the line a few months 360 search market share all the way up, in April 2013 more than 14%, I finally could not help but feel curious, recharge 4600 oceans (and Baidu as 600 service charge), opened 360 extension services, a look.

360 marketing platform is the integration of the 360 point navigation, 360 search platform to show the location of rich, covering the mass of Internet users, with integrated marketing platform for more than 90% market penetration. 360 point marketing platform has a variety of characteristics of marketing products, including "guess you love", "search" brand promotion ", to" meet the different needs of different enterprises, promote the. With abundant resources, accurate positioning, simple operation, high intelligence etc.. Below is the 360 dotting the background page marketing platform: