website right down, believe that every one of the friends I have met, the situation appears is not from the site is not right down here, and then slowly boil, boil out finally, then you will have ranking, and some sites do not rank, the face of love Shanghai right down to freezing is the last love Shanghai defeated, so here, according to my own experience of the site right down to the problem, must face and solve the way things.

find the reason; secondly, what is the reason here, on the one hand may be this time to link more, love Shanghai stand, so to your site by reducing the power, as it is a link the reason for it, then you have the maintenance of links, then as far as possible according to the number of half ago to send, remember, must keep your hair off the link, if there is a problem, then the first hurt is yourself, impact on your station is huge and stable for the chain, if you love Shanghai station had a preliminary right down, so be sure to check your previous work, not problems, this time the love of Shanghai is sensitive, must be cautious.

first of all, the site is down right, remember, you must maintain a good Links, if a site drop right, Links squelch all out of a large, then love Shanghai will surely say, sorry, you will be out, K, so, so, we must maintain the friendship link, so it has extended to one thing, that is the practice of Links, we must first love, and then connect the nature of this connection is not friends casually put your link on the next, this is love, have a difficult time, a face together. Without being involved, this is love. A party is right down, the other party does not give up, do not abandon, this is friendship; this is what I say must find love in the nature of the link in Shanghai love more and more unstable today, love Shanghai instability can, but their links must be stable. This is the first step of the face right down what you need to do, it is a stable friendship link, don’t fall.

can also be content right down, content distribution instability is likely to let you stand to lose the original weight, repetitive content is too high, so their station is a kind of great harm, is a risk factor in the right down my eyes, in the face of content words. Let’s say you send the chain, the network has a large number of content, love Shanghai would later place weight brought these duplicate data, just to give you a number, this is why I don’t love this content, the quality of the chain is done after all. The other, not a lot of repetition, so, my advice is for you, your website is not a simple modification of the title, at least to get rid of, and to get rid of more than 50%, so it has a say eng Point.

again, right down to the problem may be a love study in Shanghai, you have to.